Um lag in maps with monsters

So I basically just came back to maple and when I train at maps with monsters (like twilight perion swollen stump maps or haven robot maps) I lag like 50%-75% or more of the time. I basically enter the map, defeat monsters for 1 min or more then I lag and can't do anything for a few minutes and it makes fighting monsters to train almost impossible.

I use a lenovo laptop and I set the game graphics to the lowest possible to make it faster but the lag is still there. Please help anyone?

May 3, 2019

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@gekkegerrit: Oh hey I don't know the Mbps but I use wireless connection in my house (I guess that is probably the reason why LOL!), I live in Canada.

Also, I tried training in another map after the gate of future near the empress boss. I went to the maps knight stronghold and it didn't make me stuck and I could train with very little lag. I wonder if there are maps like that until lvl 250.

Reply May 3, 2019

What kind off connection do you have ?
(for me its 96,3 Mbps upload, 26,0 Mbps download)
And where do you live ?
(i live in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam so that pretty nice connection wise)

Reply May 3, 2019