Chars deleted?

Hey guys I was wondering if some ppl got some chars that are deleted or just disappeared? xD

Cuz when I came back to maplestory a year ago I didn't find my demon slayer Lol!!
I had a demon slayer back in 2011-2012 I remember playing PvP with it! Hahaha

I was like there's no way I deleted it that character.. so but now I think it's possible that I actually deleted it cuz maybe I wanted the ign for another character that I got now. I might have deleted my DS to get an Ign for another char hmm..

June 3, 2020

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Yea idk wtf is going on, I have a ticket open but it makes no sense how I'd get 2 characters with items that were unobtainable & untradeable when the account was made lol

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@fonix: LOL you might have been hacked? Not only you have 2 chars that you think are not yours but they also have mark of beta or maybe it's a huge bug that we don't know of? haha. like if someone else's characters got switched to your account. hahaha

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Something semi-similar is happening to me. I logged into a mule account for the first time in 7-10 years and all of my characters are missing, but I have 2 that are NOT mine on it, and both have Mark of the Beta.... I don't even have mark on my main account so no idea how my alt would have it.

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In how many worlds did you have chars ? I used to play in BERA untill we got REBOOT, since then i play only REBOOT.

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Hey I checked all worlds 2 times and it's not there lol I think I really deleted it now cuz my DEMON SLAYER had a ign that my DUAL BLADE has at the moment.

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I don't know if this is relevant, but is it possible it changed worlds? Or maybe it's in a world that was merged?

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Maybe you did it when you where drunk, and forgot about it...........

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