A quotworkaroundquot for the Gold card bug

Not sure how many of you are aware of this but I'll share my findings anyway.

Should you end up being bugged by the gold card, as to you can't do anything, opening the [U] maple guide window and teleporting yourself to another map still works and will pull you out of the bug so you won't have to re-log and lose any buffs/wait for cooldowns.

Not sure about the bear revive thingy as I generally don't die a lot, but I know in boss parties you can just leave your party and it will resolve itself and you can go back in without losing buffs.

August 2, 2017

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My findings are that the bear revive bug doesn't trigger anymore, at least not for me. However if you revive someone else it seems that the person who dies again after you revive them will get the no respawn bug instead, I have had that happening quite a lot of times and I refrain from using revive for now.

Also using the right mouse button to get out of cat mode before letting the animation of gold card finish seems to help avoiding the gold card lock for me, however don't trust me on this xD.

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For me, i've found that bear revive doesn't bug anymore; i've died lots of times and haven't hit it so that's good news.

As for gold card, Just changing the map seems to fix it. So, usually if i'm getting ready to boss i either use meow card before i que, or right before the boss that way if it bugs i have a map change to fix it.

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