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Shiny Pokemon Discussion Discuss shinies! Discuss shiny mechanics, share your trophies, share your stories, and talk about your current hunts. [b]Please do not talk about exploits such as RNG and SV abuse. Thank you.[/b] [url=]Everything you need to know about Shiny Pokemon.[/url] My current shinies in Y are, in chronological order: Durant, Relicanth, Octillery, Lanturn, Kingdra, Florges, Delphox, Seismitoad, Goomy, Furfrou, Alomomola, Sharpedo, Magneton, Murkrow, and Tepig. Kingler, Sigilyph, Gourgeist, Trevenant, Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Talonflame, Kangaskhan, Mawile, Azumarill, Noivern, and Amoonguss from a trade. Current hunt: [b]Amaura[/b] Why do I hunt shinies? The feature in which you can display

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Basilmarket 3ds friend code exchange I'd love to add you all! Whether you will play X/Y or not, be prepared to receive a lot of random Swapnotes. I'll list others when the comments come up. [header2]The list![/header2] pinksinsftw: 3136 - 6649 - 2664 <Don't forget to add me to make it count. Newspaper: 2406 - 6413 - 2623 TheAxelFenrir: 3239-3503-4630 Crowhogan33: 1478-4166-0734 DaMeng: 3995 - 6762 - 2100 Sleepywolfx3: 4699-5950-4948 rareboy112: 2535-3841-3849 steven7x23: 4055-4017-4479 LeadIn: 3711-7005-4516 Forai: 2492 - 4212 - 0310 OMGitsAMINE: 4570-7742-7166 iStoned: 4098-3305-4693 McSweenyMartini: 3668-8002-7434 ThePhantomThief: 4527-8075-4042 voyance: 2294 - 3792 - 3753 AshLikeSnow: 0275-8182-1722 ArdenXI: 0275-8182-1722 ezioadventu

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