Where to train

Im a lv 224 pally and I currently train at slurpy forest depths with my kanna.

Im making 20b/hour here, is there a better place to grind?
Or where should i go next..

February 23, 2017

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Im at lachein clocktower with my bishp parked at cygnus lobby, way better now although im 200/240 AF I can still 1hit k.o these filling my v matrix with boost nodes

Reply February 25, 2017

Any map at Lacheln without Kishin should be better. Did the same thing, thought slurpy would be better with kish past 220+ but after extensive battle analysis testing found out all maps in Lacheln give me more exp than slurpy with a kanna

Reply February 24, 2017

At least you close to 225, ready for Arcana xD

Reply February 23, 2017