Lost my accounts

I try to login with them on the nexon launcher then it tells me they've been deactivated for my protection, check ''nexon web for more info'' yet nothing happens when I go to the website... account does not exist or password is incorrect bla bla bla what's going on?

February 19, 2017

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@pinyin: You probably got blocked in that case because Nexon thinks you are account sharing/hacking (as some hackers may use the same proxies and IP addresses). Not a good indicator IMO to detect illegal activity for everyone, but that's how it is. Don't use VPNs in the meanwhile.

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Thanks for the replies, it's being sorted out now.
I contacted live support and requested an e-mail change because i can't log in with the current one, apparently my accounts (3) got blocked because my ip changes all the time and the ones that are on auto-signin on my different pcs were unaffected

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You're going to need your email you registered with and a valid ID/DL so that nexon can "verify" who you are and have it on file for future use.

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Have you already spoken to someone via live chat regarding reactivation? You need the e-mail and be able to recall the account information

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Your account is gone.

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