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Rant maybe
Do you get an obnoxious box recommending you to play RENEGADES everytime you go back from char select screen to world select screen or is it just me?
I have no interest in playing a dead server!!
I also effin hate all the stuff that pop up upon logging on a char (greetings, whats new, maple guide,rp bar), i gotta smash esc several times to close that crap and by the time im done an afk mob could have drained half my hp or even kill me!!

December 29, 2018

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I know it pops up with the recommended server but I think I've only accidentally gone to a different server once.

Usually if I feel like playing a different server it's because my client crashed in the server that I'm playing in too much so I never get the chance to manually select a different server.

Reply December 31, 2018