Sw weapon transpose

Transpose to sw from fafnir or japanese? (going to prime)

Also im looking for ideas on decent end game gear sets with resale value, no useless pro-
status items such as lgr etc. I dont know anymore

May 22, 2017

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@powerlad88: if I was looking for a gear, I would want to buy something resellable. resale value of psok'ed sw is very low cuz many of the player want to keep the resell value on their gears.

If you are atill considering using sw, I would psok it eitherway. Would not recommend tho.

Reply May 24, 2017

While that's true, the buyer for that gear will be in the same dilemma. They'll be buying an item they can never resell, either.

Reply May 24, 2017

^^What this guy said^^

Reply May 24, 2017

@arayuks: considering if u equip and then psok the jap katara beforece transposing sw katara becomes tradeable until transaction so u can use it until you sell.
prime jap katara star it once then equip psok and then transpose.

Reply May 24, 2017

if you're looking for sellable endgame gear don't transpose.

Reply May 22, 2017