Can some one help design my tattoo?

So my left arm is going to be my favorite Superheroes/Villains.

Villains:Joker,Riddler,Black Manta.

Aquaman will be the biggest piece and the start,seeing as he is my favorite, and i already know what im doing for that part. What I need help on is
Every one else. Aquman piece was gonna start from wrist and end before my elbow so everyone else i wanted band like pieces wrapin around my
Arm. The ending i wanted Black Manta seeing as he is Aquamans enemy.

If any one has ideas please share.

September 4, 2015

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You should commission an actual artist.

Or like, find a tattoo artists' style that you like, and commission them.

Reply September 6, 2015

Tattoo your testicles to look like pokeballs

Reply September 4, 2015

[quote=enoch129] Shenron.[/quote]

"ay gurl u found all 7 dragon balls and successfuly awakened my shenron, now ill grant ur wish 'nam sayin"

Reply September 4, 2015

[quote=sirkibblex2]obviously OP should get 2 balls in his crotch area where his....[/quote] Shenron.

Reply September 4, 2015

Gotta get all the power rangers posing across your chest along with 7 dragonballs hidden throughout your body

Reply September 4, 2015

get something cooler like a haunted mansion setting fr

Reply September 4, 2015

Do you like iron man? I can only draw a iron man, do you like iron man?

Reply September 4, 2015