DB Funding/Training

Making a DB and wondering what funding id need to make it decent, solo bosses, ill have about 15-20B to play with in Khaini.

Also is there a training guide any where that i can use to train faster? and a skill guide for DB.

Thanks in advance

December 15, 2017

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15b-20b isn't going to be enough, I'll tell you that right now. I'm not sure on prices in Khaini, but in Scania it's about 50b for a perfected dagger alone. With that much funding, you can probably 15% spell trace a Fafnir dagger for maybe 6b-10b depending on your luck. With the money left over I would suggest buying a SW Katara and getting started on that. The cheapest and biggest investment of your time would be to join a good guild that will carry you CRA/Hmag/Gollux for the rest of your equips. Make sure you do important quests like the Ghost Ship badge one as well, and partcipate in events. The current one has different scrolls and items you can buy with Nova Coins.

For training just use one of those post V training guides.

Reply December 18, 2017