Play MS again?

Should i start playing MS again? Id start up in Khaini again, dead world i know, no funding really unless i buy NX and sell some items. Would Khaini be best bet? Or just start new some place else.

August 21, 2016

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Nope, don't pley agan man you made a good choice to stop pleying and you should keep it that way. You don't wanna run back to this garbage gam

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lul u just stated that khaini was ded... obviously that wont be best bet o___o. if ur new i highly suggest reb00t if u rlly want to grind all day and going to rlly contribute a lot to reb00t, then totes give reb00t a try

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Khaini has me in it so its prob the best world tbh. But if ur coming back from a while away wouldnt suggest starting in a semi ded world. Reboot or scania or bera are decently populated. But as for making money getting stronger etc. itll prolly take u a while but do the events like mad crazy if u were on for that maplehoodwatch w/e couldve gotten so much cra gear. Do ur daily bosses/star planet and do events. Maybe farm elite bosses make that money.

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@piratekingluffy: if you're okay with grinding endlessly without using any illegal shortcuts then go for reboot. Grinding about 10hrs gives you enough meso to start cubing your gear, but thats if you enjoy grinding 10 hours in a game that is dying. To finish your gear you might end up having to grind 100+ hours?

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Even if you're planning on spending money, still play Reboot.
Unless you're one of those people who are planning on hitting 250m+ each line once cap is removed, play reboot.

Takes me about 3b to get any of my equips to 27%+ int
Almost all of my equips are 27%+ int, the most I've ever spent on a given equip is probably around 7-8b & trust me, I wasn't lucky with my cubing experiences.
You can make 300m/h if you're efficient at farming mesos which means each end-game equip would take you around 10 hours of farming. that means you could easily finish 1 of your equips every week.

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Since you have no funding, you might as well play in Reboot. Google for the difference between Reboot and the normal servers so you will know the ups and downs between each other. Good luck and have fun.

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Give reboot world a try. You can buy cubes with mesos (so no need to spend real money) but you can't sell/trade other players

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