What can I get with 128 Boss Cubes? Lets see [url=]Hopefully you guys enjoy the work of the RNG Gods[/url] "Decided to save all my cubes from Sept. 20 to Sept. 26 so I can do a huge cubing spree on Sept. 26 (1 AM PST). Sorry for being a little weird, I was streaming and responding to chat sometimes. I know I was losing count often, I should go back to watching Sesame Street. I gave up editing a little past midway because I wanted to go to bed. 99 Master Craftsman's Cubes 29 Meister Cubes And a bonus of 11 Red cubes. (the video says 12.. whoops) The goal made prior to cubing was 2 epic to unique and 1 unique to legendary. Did I make it?"

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