Maple dcing alot lately?

I'll dc at the randomnest times doing anything. My internet is fine my computer is maybe fineish but I've never dced this frequently before. Is it just me or is it somethign to do with the entire patch in general.

August 20, 2016

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yes and the 2x makes d/c chances great again !

Reply August 21, 2016

Its making me sad

Reply August 20, 2016

@vicetone: You know, I thought you were just playing on some crazy isolated server like Renegade or something and lived like... Right next to the servers. I thought you were so serious till you brought up customer service. Here you deserve your +1

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lag? whats that? never lagged on maple in my life. Maple runs so smoothly its insane.I totally dont lag or dc in this game at all. Customer service you ask? oh its great. Always making the lives of the players as easy as can be.

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I can play for hours before crashing, I'd say it's better now since last maintenance!

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@shadeace: that's their real job and objective actually. Gud job on them ^^

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Nah just nexon being nexon as of lately. They are just trying to disappoint and frustrate people even more.

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Yes it has ever since 11/8 Maintenance. I cannot even grind in peace without the constant dcing and crashing been stuck in 9x% for like 2 weeks really unmotivating.
You're not alone. Can't even do bosses without having to freeze :L

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