Constant dcs

I've been continuously dcing while doing just about anything tbh. Why is nexon making a timed event when I can barely stay connected for 5 mins? Anyone have a fix or anything cuz its starting to get pretty ridiculous.

December 2, 2016

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i've d/ced 3 times so far. one time when i logged in and two times when i was at world selection screen. this game is gonna go into another maint in 5 hours just wait.

Reply December 2, 2016

I can't even get past the world select screen anymore.

Reply December 2, 2016

game is completely unplayable right now. just as 2x starts.

Reply December 2, 2016

honestly just dced about 8x in 20 mins. gf burning char im done with this for today.

Reply December 2, 2016

I just think after the update and all the maintenance the severs are very unstable at the moment. Don't really think there's a solution for that. Be patient for now. Happens to me as well, especially when in dojo and its timer based it sucks.

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