This class is the newest to resistance. it uses a sort of gauntlet coupled with a gun and is a warrior class. By using the gun alongside skills you gain the explosion effect afterwards for extra damage at the cost of one round. Additional info

December 19, 2015

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While the gun-fist does scream Pirate, the Resistance (the first three) classes are meant to be unconventional.

Reply December 21, 2015

This was the perfect chance to make the Gunblade or Gunsword a weapon. The disappointment is real.

Reply December 21, 2015

Looks like they created the Genos class.

Reply December 19, 2015

Pile bunkers are designed to penetrate through thick armor. This mixes aspects from 2H Maces (designed to break fortifications) and Spears (piercing aspect of it).

Although these kind of weapons seem more appropriate for mecha, like the Alt Eisen Riese I mentioned earlier. Why didn't the Mechanic have a pile bunker?
Maybe 2H Maces seem more appropriate for a normal Warrior Resistance class, since Drill Hammers or Boost Hammers are a quite easy thing to pull off, but that's just me.

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@krishman because everything about him screams pirate, and all classes in MS are already melting together. I could maybe understand if they made him an actual hybrid like Xenon is.
But punching bullets is 100% a pirate thing.

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Not really feeling this class tbh

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This video is a little outdated. Their hp is higher now because apparently their original low hp was a glitch and they have higher %'s on their skills. Also this does fit a warrior class in other MMO's technically

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I dont understand why everyones so upset that its a warrior? seems kind of like a SteamPunk warrior. WHs have gatling guns mounted on a panther, why cant he punch bullets? Anyways, nto a big warrior fan, and this looks quite boring anyways. will hope for a good character card tho.

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Please don't come to GMs...if it does make it a pirate..

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where is the Nova Archer...

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"No matter how thick your armor is... I only have to pierce it!" ~ Kyosuke Nanbu

Fittingly enough, this skill is even called "Revolving Bunker," which is also a reference to one of the Alt Eisen Riese's attacks in the SRW games. According to Max's Blog, it binds an enemy and then you can discharge rounds; Blaster is also invincible while grabbing. Not sure how it'd work against bosses though, if this bind overlaps with others.

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i love basic classes, guess thats why im a shade. i might make this a warrior main i love him

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@toomuchdmg: because nexon hecked up and forgot they already had made a Pirate. would explain why it has 0 HP.

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why is this a warrior clasS??

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I was not amused at all, only because I made this comment of my concern it canceled out my non-amusement

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looks super boring

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