Tb Clears normal Lotus in 3:30

August 3, 2016

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@littletlk: Because it's not the actual run. They do it for show, and save the actual kill for when they run with friends, and all share the drops. They carry their friends, usualy during x2 Drop.

So they do this run to record the battle, and then they walk out to avoid killing to boss.

Reply August 7, 2016

@alesanah: just found a vid of a db hitting 1b+ lines on phantomn blow 2b on asuras and 3b with sudden raid. If u could do that to me would be great kty.

Reply August 6, 2016

What lvl is the TB on that video?

Reply August 5, 2016

He's so comfortable with his keyboard config. He just throws so many skills it's amazing.

Reply August 5, 2016

@alesanah: hey bae i think this might be hard lotus soloed @1redwhip2: no this is kms. That tb is hitting 500m-800m per line. Gms should get this update in around 8~months or so in which ill still be hitting below 50m lol.

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Did Nexon already get rid of the damage cap?

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It's probably because they carry friends through actual runs, and if they did that in a video people would claim it wasn't a solo. A pretty popular KMS Youtuber with a 250 Xenon posts full runs all the time where he carries a bunch of his friends through.

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sup ben

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@littletlk: Happens with all KMS videos for some reason.
Its like they don't want you to see the drops or something.

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@littletlk: There might be a similar hack prevention to what GMS has in Hard Magnus where you have to wait out the timer for a bit if you want drops. I dunno.

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Is this just all the same guy with different characters?

On besides that, why do these videos never show the actual kill?

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