Not exactly sure how he survived ao many times in p1 after getting hit by the beam.

July 30, 2016

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@masinko: It's not about the easy or hard ways. It's about the gap between the poor and the rich. Theres TONS of people in regular servers with 30k+ main stat. That is absolutely ridiculous and very few people could actually achieve that without spending $. However, in reboot nobody can get more than 20k main stat because theres no bonus pots here & theres no scrolls here, you just get meso & pot your equips. it makes the community much more connected & less p2w (you can still p2w in reboot btw)

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@dutch: Reboot is easier in some ways and harder in others. It still requires massive meso grinds and self-making gear. If you were to grind on your own account in the non-reboot worlds, you could buy pre-made gear for cheaper and less effort.

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These videos are the major reason why so many people are switching to reboot. Still cant understand why theres still some unfundeds in other worlds (excluding the friends & guild excuse)

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@andreaverilia Besides the skin he mentioned^ you're also able to go into the system options and change your damage effect to mini [basic, cascading, or blade] o:

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Arans aw yea, also @andreaverilia: theres a transparent dmg skin, not the same but I use it to not clutter my screen

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I wonder if they will ever simplify those huge numbers blocking most of the screen. they could just remove 6 and add M to the others like 300m 420m etc etc.

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welp there goes the pay 2 win gap closing again.

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Now do Damien in that same timespan.

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He gets hit by the laser one time at 1:30 and survives due to Heaven's Door. The rest of the time he uses Judgement (3rd job skill) while airborne, which instantly transports the character forwards. Essentially a short-range Teleport.

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