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What to put on a resume for retail/store associate job? So just a quick question; what kind of stuff should l send on a resume to an employer for a retail/store associate job? My current resume is just list of software l can use, and art skills, etc. nothing related to retail in any way. l don't know what to put on my resume otherwise, since l don't have any other experience unless related to art crap. Should l just write BS like "ohh l am responsible, l can manage blah blah blah, and l have good communication skills", etc. l don't want to send them a resume completely unrelated to the position. Any tips?

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Windows 10 owners, whats your opinion? So, to all of you that have upgraded to Windows 10, what's your opinion on it? Do you find that things that have been working fine before don't work so well in Windows 10? Are there not that many major problems and it's just whatever? Let me know your experiences. l've been reluctant to download Windows 10 for a while just cause of all my paranoia of what will happen if this and that doesn't work, or what if it wipes my hard drive (currently backing up ~100 GB of stuff) l'd just like everyone's take on it if possible. l've heard Windows 10 has a lot of minor bugs, but it's just that, minor. Should l play it safe and upgrade later after they have patched, fixed, and added more compatibility support for

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eShop Sale from 30% off WiiU and 3ds games including Fea There is a lot of good games on sale; from Fire Emblem, to Animal Crossing, Mario games, Zelda, and Kid Icarus just to name a few. (l only wrote FE:A in the title cause l couldn't fit anything more) l'm so happy FE:A is finally on sale cause l've been waiting soo long to buy the game away from $40, though l'd prefer a physical copy, can't complain! Off topic (kind of) l've never downloaded digital games before ever, so what is Nintendo's policy on re-downloading stuff if it gets corrupt, or if l change 3DS systems and that kind of stuff? And will my save data be stored on the SD card?

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Music creators and audio people come help Hiya audio people of Basilmarket, l have a few questions l'm hoping you guys can help me with: 1. Are there any other ways or methods of getting acapellas off of tracks without finding official ones or by phase cancelling instrumental+original? 2. How do you work with remixing a track when an acapella follows a tempo that is too far off the tempo you're working on without huge pitch distortion? (an acapella that came from a song at 130 BPM or so, and you want to work in 180 BPM without sounding like chipmunks) 3. What is the best 'cheap' microphone to go for for under $100? l don't know a lot of brands, and Yeti Snowball is really the only cheap one l know of.

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Decent Si, or Decent Si neb, or 1 Atk Speed Ia? Hello fellow mages! My next big goal to get stronger or whatever is to increase my attack speed, but l was wondering which of these three methods would be easiest/least expensive to obtain that goal. l don't spend money on the game anymore, so l'm not that rich, but l will Zakum my ass off when possible (if a solution is about 1-2 bil, killing zakum forever is super doable!), so which is most possible for me? - Cubing Decent SI on a glove or something (l dont know the specifics, but l heard it has to be a glove and perhaps a certain level glove too?) - Getting a Decent SI nebulite (which l assume is extremely expensive since you can apply this to any piece of armor) - Rolling and rolling and r

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Wikis with tutorial-esque content? Hey everyone, l sent a ticket asking about this kind of thing, but no response yet so l'm asking here; (hopefully any mod answers) anyways, l understand Wiki's are supposed to be informative and tell you what is this and give everything and all kinds of information about this something, but l was wondering if writing stuff in the Wiki could be tutorial-esque in the sense that, if it were a program, or coding language, or digital drawing or something, it could teach you methods and how to do things as well. Such as in programs that are pretty hard to learn and understand, a list of hotkeys, how to do this, and useful tips can be in a Wiki for it. This whole thing makes no sense and l suck at writing right n

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Good times in Basilmarket We're always cranky around this site and there's always people that get upset over nothing, but lets take a moment to remember the good times we've had on this website. Anything in the past that made you smile, or was really funny? An actually funny thread, a successful troll post, a dumb screenie, lets reminisce in the past and stuff l can start this off: l remember seeing [url=]this[/url] on Basil one day and it just made me chuckle and giggle to myself because its just so stupid. (see the auctions)

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Good orchestral/soundtrack music suggestions? Hey everyone, l'm really into nice and relaxing orchestral music, as well as soundtracks from games, movies, and animes. Currently l love to listen to Ghibli film soundtracks, Joe Hisaishi stuff, practically every Final Fantasy series soundtracks and some more, some Kingdom hearts stuff, and a few anime soundtracks. l want to look for some more nice and relaxing instrumental/orchestral stuff, so l'm wondering if you guys know of any! Suggest your favorite soundtracks, or list a composer l can look up, or anything thats really nice and relaxing. THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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How is it possible? How is it possible to get your Zero to Lv 180 without driving yourself absolutely insane? The repetitive quests and dungeons are too much for me, how do people even manage to do it under two days? l've been levelling my Zero little by little ever since they have came out and l'm only 160 something; l can't handle it anymore. lt's so demotivating to play this character, my only drive to play is to get it to 180 and be able to do other stuff with Zero to boost the character card at 200. PLEASE, TELL ME ZEROS OF BASILMARKET, HOW DO YOU COPE WITH GOING INTO THE SAME DUNGEONS OVER AND OVER AGAIN 10+ TIMES OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN EVEN WHEN THE NEXT DUNGEONS ARE ALL THE SAME?

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