Best 2nd and 3rd line for IA?

I got leg inner today and it got me wondering what's the best 2nd and 3rd lines you can get. So far all I've been seeing is +stat lines. Is there %crt or %boss or even +att for those lines available?

August 8, 2016

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That happened to me.
I have 27 magic att on first line and 15% boss on second line.

Reply August 8, 2016

@aurashade86: It's only possible for 1 legendary line to go down to the 2nd line, and that's only if it was a S rank line from the old system.

Reply August 8, 2016

Yes, all those lines you mentioned are available for 2nd/3rd line, however, you'll get less then if it was on first line.

For example crit rate on first line can go up to 30%, on 2nd/3rd line it can go up to 20%.

Reply August 8, 2016

I have 10% drop and 13% buff duration. So something along those lines are best?

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@wall: you can get 3 legendary lines, you just need them to go down which is extremely rare.

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I pretty much gave up once I got 30% crit. Gonna do it all again when AB's get the new crit skill.

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