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Need your opinion

Hey Basil i was wonder if i could get your in-put on something. so yesterday i ended up missing school by mistake. i just moved into a new house and the bus stop is right out side of my house, so i thought i had enough time to grab my chemistry book and come back inside. i ended up missing the bus and decided to stay home. later on my mother comes back home and is furious with me because she had found out i missed school that day. she ended up taking away my laptop and my phone (even though i payed for it with my own money ) and i was ok with it because i felt a bit guilty, the reason why? because i had skipped 4 days of school in a row(even though i dont think she knows that i did). this morning i had awoken to the door re-opening. i found this weird because usually she leaves around 5:40 sumthin to go to work, which means she had left and came home 20 mins after to see if i was awake or not. she they came into my room and had slapped me in my face to wake me up. usually i wouldn't be mad about this but the fact that she knows i had rubber bands in my mouth from my braces meant she tried to hurt me. she hit me over and over again in my mouth before grabbing me by my shirt and pulling me towards her. at this point i was kinda pissed but let it be since i was still in a sorta sleepy state. she then said to me so cruel things and told me to get my A** up you have 15 mins before the bus comes and wondered why i wasn't already awake. i told her that he had taken my cell phone which had my alarm clock on it, so it was her fault that i didn't wake up. she then thought i was bad mouthing her and slapped me in my face again, then after balling her hand into a fist and trying to hit me in the face. i then proceed to grab her hand and told her to calm down, which seemed to only get her more mad. she then started to yell and tried to break free of my grip, but couldn't since im stronger then her. she then gave up and started to walk away and said, if i don't get up there would be consequences. i told her like what? at this point i was kind of pissed already and decided to show that i wasn't scarred of her, and she said u will find out when i get home. she then left, and at this point i don't know what to do. the bus has already left, and im sorta on the lean side of not going to school today after all the crap i just went to. basil whats ur opinion on this situation and what do u think i should do?

0 March 13, 2013

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@Wordolio alright dude i understand where your coming from, but you didnt have to be that rude about the situation. still i respect your opinion and i appreciate your feedback. thankyou

Reply March 13, 2013

i woulda beat you even worse. quit slacking you lazy piece of crap. she goes to work all day to pay for your electricity and food and water, so that you can go to school worry-free.

seriously, "i paid for it with my own money". shut up right there. you don't pay for the electricity that powers it, making that argument invalid.

i hope she finds out you missed 4 days and not just one, that way she can teach you a lesson.

I'm not even saying this to be mean or anything, but there is no place in the world for slackers (like you).

Reply March 13, 2013

Parenting level: Asian w/o a brain.

Reply March 13, 2013

Wow no offense but your mum is a little crazy, never really heard of things like that happening before...did you do things to make her like this or is she always aggressive? Sucks to be you Just try get on her good side and don't make her angry anymore.

Reply March 13, 2013

@PoetryIsMeh yea shes not good at hiding things, easily found my laptop lol and not usually, ive never seen her this mad in my life. and i only live with my mother not my dad. thanks for the help really appreciate it

Reply March 13, 2013