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Thunder Breaker 110 new skill quest Help

Can anyone recommend a well thought out plan to beat the boss in eos times warp? i just cant seem to beat him no matter how hard i try. on top of that they give you a time limit which makes it even harder...any fellow cygnus knights having the same problem lol

July 25, 2012

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Thnks ill try using that. i still find it crazy that he deals 2000-3000 health on you

Reply July 26, 2012

What I did, was use CSB to rush Thanatos to the right, then I used Sharkwave until I had filled my energy bar, then I spammed Energy Drain, since it's fast, deals decent damage, and it heals the massive damage that we take. I also stood on top of it when fuly charged because it reflects damage as well. Use Transformation when you can, as well as your Lightning (the summon).
Finished with 2 ~ 6 mins on the clock left

EDIT: I used Holywaters and eyedrops because I could buy them from a shop lol X_X

Reply July 26, 2012 - edited