New Link Skill Management? "Link Skill management has been improved. A beginner-level skill has been added for all characters that are 1st job or higher. A maximum of 12 link skills can be assigned to a single character at one time." I was under the impression that switching links would become more streamlined, instead of having to switch between 10 different characters. Is it glitched or what? Because I really don't see how this is an improvement. It's just a list of my links... which we already kinda had. If this was intentional...then idk anymore :/

General Updates

Anyone else having massive town lag, dcing? Every major town is basically a death trap for me. I spawn into hene, and have 0.2 fps. I have about 2 minutes from the time that I log in to get out of the town somehow, or I freeze entirely and dc. So after a while I got the brains to hold down the "left" key and spam up. I was like "FREE AT LEAST! <3". I took one step into Ellinia and immediately froze, then dc'ed. I'm completely fine in regular maps, but major towns are killer o.o This is getting ridiculous. First of all, I take at LEAST 8 minutes to even load up the login screen. Now I can't even go anywhere, because all the dimensional portals are in towns. So I'm stuck killing green mushrooms. Anyone else experiencing


Hot Time Compensation scammed again So I already got you-can't-connect-to-the-login-server'd out of the 2nd hot time day. So I was really happy that we got a compensation box. So made sure I had extra room in my inventory, and used it. "Make sure you have at least 3 slots in your equip, use, and etc inventory" ... AAAAND it's GONE like wtf? this has happened for other boxes, but the box jus reappears in my inventory. i can feel the rage building up in my chest >.<


How are you supposed to solo Hard Azwan? I'm honestly at a loss. I kill the totem in the middle. I kill the altar guy at the top. I pave the way to the tower with my cygnus dudes as a meat shield. I start attacking the tower. BAM 1 SHOTTED. And by the time i respawn / rebuff, my noobs have lost ground... then after a while the altar guy respawns. Is there any way to dodge the insta-kill move? What are the signs, etc? Am I not doing enough damage? I have a 35k range buffed, in case that helps o.o

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