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Lending people moneymost annoying thing ever- need help Hi there friend. I'm in need of some advice. A month ago I went to a concert with a friend and his girlfriend. It was my idea to go, so I bought the tickets for the three of us, they would pay me back. The tickets were €29.55 each (IMO not expensive, but not cheap either) but my friend is a cheap ass so before I bought the tickets I asked him if he still wanted to go through with it, so he could still back out if he thought it was to expensive. He gave me the green light and I bought three tickets. Fast forward one week and we're at the concert, the concert is great and all, smiles all around, I even got my all-stars signed by the lead-singer (Yay :3) We both buy a shirt, buuuuuu

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Australian version of games, any difference? Hi there, I bought a PS4 about a month ago, and I need some games. There are a few games I want to buy, COD ghosts being one of them I've had a look on the internet and found a pretty cheap online store, The store is sort of shady, and they sell cheap copies imported from other countries. The problem is that the version of COD ghosts is the Australian version. It's a lot cheaper than buying it here in the Netherlands though, €15 vs €30 :O So what I want to know is this: -What exactly would be the difference between the Australian and the "normal" version? (and if there is a difference, does it matter much? I only want it to play split-screen with a friend of mine, won't be p

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Name a thing you like about yourself nobody ever notices Let me explain this real quick, Maybe you get a lot of compliments, things about you height, or maybe people like your eyes. Buuuuuuuuuuuut maybe you don't like your height or eyes.... Maybe you spend a lot of time on your eyebrows, so you're thinking: Why doesn't anyone ever compliment me about my eyebrows? :/ So tell me, what is a weird thing you like about yourself but nobody ever notices? It can also be a thing you're good at but nobody ever gives you credit for. Mine would be my cheekbones/chin. Ya I know I'm tall, but haven't you noticed them sweet cheekbones?:O

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Wait or Recreate? {Edit: Title should have been 41 str: Wait or Recreate, the current title might be a bit confusing} Dear Basillers. Lately I have been thinking about leveling my Mercedes a little bit. I've been keeping an eye on the prices of fafnir gear in the FM for quite a while now, and I've noticed that Bowman/Mercedes gear is super cheap. My Marksman has been my main for a while, so I also have some gear I can transfer. I've created my Mercedes for the link skill, and somehow got it to level 131. However, my Mercedes was created a long time ago, and still has Str as a secondary stat, it has 41 Str so I'm missing out on 37 Dex. I can probably get to about 40/50% Dex so all in all I would be missing about 50/55ish Dex. My Mercedes Als


Empresss blessing problem Hi, I have a problem with the Empress's blessing buff, and need some help. On my account I have 2 knights of Cignus, a level 40 wind archer and a level 120 dawn warrior. the problem is that on all my characters, instaid of Empress's blessing level 24 from my DW I get Empress's blessing level 8 from my WA. So now I'm missing out on 16 attack, wich is a lot for an unfunded person like me. On my WA I do get the level 24 buff, so logicaly if I delete my WA I should get my level 24 blessing, witch wouln't be a problem if my WA didn't have level 10 acc. crafting/mining. What should I do? Thanks for taking the time to read my poorly written wall of text :p