P/c on Perm Nx Run

Pink Shooting Star Ring
Superstar Microphone
Black Slanted Visor
Blades Overall
Vintage Jeans
Bell-Bottom Faded Jeans
Maple Black Beret
Topaz Musical Note
Alchemist Overall
Pink Bean Shoes

Please tell me that ring is worth a lot...

May 19, 2015

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The ring is one of those items that are worth a lot but because everybody is opening anniversary boxes, more people are getting them and there aren't enough people willing to pay the price that sellers are asking for.

Reply May 19, 2015

Approximate Bera Prices

Pink Shooting Star: 200-300m
Superstar Microphone: 90m Max
Black Slanted Visor: 100m Max
Blades Overall: ?
Vintage Jeans: ?
Bell-Bottom Faded Jeans: ~200m
Maple Black Beret: 40m Max
Topaz Musical Note: 40m Max
Alchemist Overall: 70m Max
Pink Bean Shoes: 200-300m

Reply May 19, 2015