Improving my range

I'm currently sitting at 430k range buffed and I'm aiming for 700k. What's the cheapest way to improve my range with my current gear?
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July 2, 2015

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Youre kidding right?

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Start perfecting[scrolling] your gollux items and 10-12 star.
Epic pot all your stuff at least
Spelltrace /scroll your equips 10-12 star

After you do that, then start cubing your stuff for 2 lines of something.
After that you start aiming for unique...etc etc

Other than that, you can make your link mules which is always beneficial.

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[quote=RaNdOmMaTT]I'm currently sitting at 430k range buffed and I'm aiming for 700k. What's the cheapest way to improve my range with my current gear?
[url=]Current Gear[/url][/quote]

Cheapest ways to improve your damage.

A. Dojo gloves will give you like 100k range for free.
B. Spell trace all your armor/non-gollux accessories with 70 or 100% luk traces, scroll all your Gollux accessories with adv gollux scrolls. Don't slate, your gear isn't worth the cost of the slates. Then enhance to 12 stars. NamesBoreMe is mostly incorrect about it hurting resale value, you can simply innocence before reselling.
C. You should look into buying/making a dSE nebbed work glove.
D. Your solid gollux ring has no potential. It's fine as a filler for now, but in the future you'll be looking to replace it with % luk.
E. 6 att heart is rather low. I believe 20-40 att hearts are currently quite cheap.

Things you might be interested in.

1. Superior Gollux equips are not cost efficient for you at the moment. They're quite a bit more expensive than reinforced, and give basically the same bonus. You're fine with reinforced for now.

2. Whether you want to neb your gear like Names suggests is dependent on how close to end game you plan on going. If you're fine peaking at 600-800k range then stuttering out, 1% nebs will be enough. If you have ambitions of reaching 2-2 M some day, you're going to want to hold off on nebs on certain equips for a while. That said, the vast majority of your gear would need to be tossed out anyway in that case, so you're fine putting 1% nebs on almost all of your gear. If you feel like going down this route let us know and we'll tell you which gears are safe/a good idea to neb and which aren't.

3. Cubing your weapons has extremely high priority, definitely higher than cubing any of your armors. At the moment, you're not extracting nearly enough value from your weapon potentials. However, cubing is expensive. If you want to cube, that will require either a constant stream of reward points, or a large amount of NX. You may also be interested in bonus potentials, which are even more expensive. This is the route you'll need to follow if you ever plan on going above 1 M range. Also, cubing your Emblem/Claw has the benefit of being a solid investment, since they will never be replaced unless you change characters.

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Enhance to 12 stars, get important link skills to 120 Kanna, Demon Avenger, Xenon, Etc. Try To get 2 slots pendant (2knx). And you can update cubing from there.

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If you do not care about training replace the crusader zeal ring(Don't throw it though, that's like one of the few rings that gives bonus exp) 70% trace everything and enhance them to 12 stars.

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Enhance all your stuff to 12 stars. get dojo gloves.

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Perfect your gollux, replace at least the crusader zeal ring, maybe get a superior gollux set, epic pot scroll things that arent epic yet, maybe aim for 2 lines of attack on your secondary/emblem instead of just 6% on each,

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>Rings definitely could use improvement, epic pot + cube for luk % would be one way of doing so. Replace zeal ring with luk% silver blossom. Gloves can be epotted and cubed for %luk. Increase of 30%luk if you're lucky, otherwise about 24%.
100m for epic pot scrolls, 60m to smith cubes, RP cubes are free.

>Finish scrolling (either chaos, CoG or trace, up to you) but more importantly start enhancing equips. Your rings are 0 slot so you can shove about 8 enhancements, and you don't have a lot of + stats, only % stats. You need +stats for your %stats to be useful. Since you're using the non-endgame reinforced sets, you can easily just spell trace them without worrying about resell value (people are only really interested in superior). Same goes for Sweetater glasses/tattoo; scroll trace for luk then enhance. And your shoulder and gloves. And lidium heart. Missing about 200-300 luk just from these (before multipliers)
Spell trace price is negligible. Enhancing lvl 120+ equips to 5 stars costs roughly 10m. To 8 stars costs about 30m.

>Your hat, top and bot can be traced/enhanced too, but that's a bit trickier since they have high amounts of %luk and are unique, giving them resell value that you could potentially damage with this method. Ideally, you'd want to CoG/ICoG or prime them, but that's expensive.

>Put nebulites on everything. That's at least +25% luk sitting there which you can afford.
Nebulites cost between 25 and 50m depending on stat and world. Leave the nebs off your unique equips, unless you can afford diffusers for later.

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