Improving my range amp bossing capabilities

I've been doing hard gollux and all the bosses easier than it but I want to move up and take on some harder bosses. What would be my next hurdle in terms of bossing and which pieces of gear should I replace/upgrade for that? Coming back from a break so I'm not sure if any new end-game equips were introduced. Currently sitting at 760k fully buffed.

March 31, 2016

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From what I see currently, just aim for %luk on every piece of gear. I am not too sure what your budget is, but right now everything seems to be going in the right direction. Replacing the gollux belt with a tyrant belt and getting a 2nd pendant would be quite good, since they are pretty cheap at the moment. And you can buy a 3 star scroll from the event shop. Just perfect your reinforced set and try to get as much %luk as you can. Doing the daily bosses for master cubes/reward points to get 15% stat on as many pieces as possible. If you want to invest into some nx, the thing I would focus on is your weapon, secondary, and emblem. For endgame bosses, you want around 250% boss, 90ish% pdr and the rest goes into %atk. Right now your secondary is fine, but recubing the %damage on your emblem as well as the main/secondary on your wep would be a good idea. As for your heart, if you can find an innocence scroll, there are +6 atk scrolls in the event shop, so maybe you can upgrade that. I'm not sure if this information is the most accurate, but hopefully this gives you an idea on what to upgrade.

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