Thunder Breaker Dilemma

So the Cygnus revamp is in a few days. I already have a Thunder Breaker at level 120, and I want to play him on the revamp. The problem is that I also want to get 2 more Cygnus to 120 for the link skill, event items and gameplay (although I hate Wind Archers). I am not sure whether to play Thunder Breaker first or to get the link skills first. I honestly want to do both, but that's probably not a good idea.

September 2, 2013

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[quote=Azzazzinz]Interesting. Somewhat related, but if we level over 120, does our Empress Blessing go beyond 24 as well. Sorry, didn't do too much research :x[/quote]

by 150 you'll have 30 blessing of empress

Reply September 3, 2013

[quote=RawrJaay]not worth the link skills especially all of them since there's gonna be a link skill limit later[/quote]

CK link skill counts as 1 skill, not 5.

Reply September 2, 2013

[quote=TurtleClaus]5% stat resist per cok or 10% with only one cok at level 2, if you have you all 5 coks you get 25% stat resist <3[/quote]

it's only 10% for the CK itself. The link skill is 5%/10% if for self.

If linked the other character get 2%/5%

Reply September 2, 2013

Lol Status Resist that's cool and all but not worth my time...
Well I have level 120 Dawn Warrior, level 82 Wind Archer, and level 80 Thunder Breaker. And I still don't wanna get them all high.

Reply September 2, 2013

[quote=jh92]Also status resist.[/quote]

And it can be stacked up to 5x which implied a revamp for NW and BW since it would make it feasible to train those 5 cygnus to 120 for the link skills.

Reply September 2, 2013

[quote=Rayquaza]I believe it's elemental resistance.[/quote]

Also status resist.

Reply September 2, 2013

[quote=FlyingAlmond]you get link skills from cygnus characters?
(besides the +24 attack one from leveling it to 120)[/quote]

I believe it's elemental resistance.

Reply September 2, 2013

you get link skills from cygnus characters?
(besides the +24 attack one from leveling it to 120)

Reply September 2, 2013

If the link skill is so important that you're planning on making two more characters for it, I'd say get it over with ASAP and enjoy the link skills on the characters you play afterwards.

Reply September 2, 2013