how do u guys like ur water bottles

i want this water but idk if i should get it:
i think i might need to give up a kidney 4 it. i might even have to wear this water bottle on the inside. worth it tho

i usually get packs of these water bottles and throw them out when im done:

solid water 4 the price

so how do u guys like ur water & ur water bottles

October 15, 2016

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Wow people out here are strange af *ahem* I mean... like me!

Reply October 19, 2016

I get it from the fancy filtered water fountain on first floor of my dorm.
I drink from this thing:

I just loooove the system to open it. Easiest one-handed operation ever, I don't know why it isn't more popular.
Also, I didn't know the description mentions urban exploring! That's cool.

I usually only have water in it, but people always accuse me of having alcohol and hiding it in there.
It does keep stuff really cold and hot though, it's nice.

It's just a little small on the inside (16 oz) and kinda spendy I guess?

Reply October 18, 2016

32oz purple hydroflask bc im a baller

Reply October 16, 2016

i drink 1.5 gallons of water a day so this is the easiest way. when i can i have a glass filled with ice to pour it in so the water is cold. yes i pee a lot

Reply October 15, 2016

With flavored water.

Reply October 15, 2016

chilled or even frozen and melting from ice into water $100,000 on water seems Short Bus Special

Reply October 15, 2016

i like my water bottles cool with some sweat dripping down em.

Reply October 15, 2016

Any reusable water bottle that can store the same or more water than a standard PET plastic water bottle should be ok.

But for intense exercise (something I never do), I prefer the standard PET plastic water bottles because of the hole size to drink from. But any reusable water bottle is ok as long it has the same hole size to drink from. The hole size of the PET plastic water bottle is large enough to allow water to flow out in a reasonable speed without having to suck the hole like a baby bottle, and small enough to have more control over spills than water bottles with hole larger than lip size. If I'm running for a marathon while I'm carrying a bottle in my hand, then it must be a standard PET plastic water bottle. I do not want to drop a reusable water bottle unless if it's shock resistant. But still, it would be a bit too heavy for carrying while running. I wouldn't even carry my phone if I have no zipper pockets.

If I'm storing hot water then it should be a tea bottle with metal interior.

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As long as it's cool, I'm happy.

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Had me groaning at the title. This is very close to the real thing, well done.

I like my water bottles easy to open. I get eczema on my hands so tight lids are a literal pain.

Reply October 15, 2016 - edited

in my clay cup slowly roosted in an open fire

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