Donald Trump is the next President of the United States

Donald Trump is slated to become the 45th President of the United States.

Thanks Obama.

November 9, 2016

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@wall: the point is that's how people act, like the worst has happened and their life will end, either literally, or in the sense that quality of life will suck.

They are just super pessimistic because Trump won, they likely don't agree with much (if anything) that Trump has said, and they may think the winner should have been a Politician, which Trump sure isn't.

But I think Trump not being a Politician is a great thing, Politicians do one thing, push their own agenda, no matter if it improves anything for the country or not; in most instances it doesn't help the country.

Trump dares to be different and has so many great ideas planned that we would not get from a Politician, most of all Crooked Hillary, whom supports terrorists and was bought and paid for by foreign, possibly terrorists ran countries.

Trump might very well makes some headway to making America Great Again, and let's not forget, our founding fathers of this country weren't true politicians, most had lives far from it and decided rule under Britain sucked and wanted a better life, then they had to fight for it and start doing things that were radical at the time.

And that's how things get done, not by the people happy to keep things going as they were and stand by while things get worse.

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@wall: I know this is a normal internet conversation and that people would not care to explain every detail of what they say, but please explain and source these statistics of yours that would say straight white males are the most disadvantaged group in North America.

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@wall exactly, he never said anything like that. But that's what people at my extremely liberal university seem to think. They think they're in danger if they're not a straight white male.

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Watches from do do.

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@wall @tyrantblade ya it's like people think cause he said one vaguely racist or sexist comment he's gonna put all women and minorities into concentration camps.
People are like "omg I'm fearing for my life rn" clearly they didn't listen to anything but media bias.

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@wall: I completely agree, all the anti-Trump people make him out to be so bad and act like his word will become law.

They really need some education from the right sources, not whatever the media is spoon feeding them.

Trump is truly the lesser of two evils in the 2016 election, if anybody knows the truth anyways.

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@zoglinemusic: I know right? He's stating a bunch of stuff somebody spoon fed him, what a tool he is.

Isn't it great how he assumes everybody that doesn't side Democrat is rich and a horrible person?

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@greatbolshy: First of all the people doing the dirty work hardly cry about anything. They "cry" only because they have the right to by being paid pennies and being overworked or worse being laid off. The hardest workers in any business are the ones that do your dirty work because it's clear that you guys will not get anything done if you remove those laborers from your businesses. Those laborers are the heart of your business. Secondly, I am judging you guys just like you judge all Democrats or mid/lower class folks as lazy and leeches. You also make assumptions stating that people on welfare take advantage of it to buy booze and drugs. That the homeless is homeless because it's their fault for not getting a job because they are too lazy to get one. You and the rest of the Republicans are definitely hypocrites and not just about border control. Hypocrites about everything especially claiming you're Christian and yet you talk smack to the opposite party. If you don't like me assuming crap about rich people then don't assume crap about the lower class as well then.

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@zcrimsyn: how am i being hypocritical for saying you should hop the border? does the border have some magical defensive system that turns you into a mexican when you hop it? if i hop it will my italian ancestry just vanish because the border turned me into a mexican?

your comments just keep getting better and better. i'm especially fond of the quote: "Republicans are the most judgmental and generalizing party of them all." the irony in that is that 3 sentences later you judged and generalized me as a lazy rich guy who has everything given to him in life. i've got some news for you. being a business owner doesn't always mean you just get to sit around and make money while doing so. i have some family that works on their business a couple hours a week and makes money while they sleep and other family that puts 70 hours a week into their businesses. and you have to work to make those businesses, too. you can't just decide to start a business and open up a day later. there's planning, investments, licenses, and a whole lot of other stuff that you need. just opening the doors can cost you 6 digits.

and fyi, most business owners would prefer to expand their business. more money=more expansion=more workers paid. so when you're crying about having to do all of this dirty work just be thankful you even have a job.

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@masinko: Great post! Thank you for your information and glad it was done in a civil manner. This is how a discussion should be with out resorting to insults and things of that sort. Anyways, I have indeed read this 100 day plan and I will be honest here and say their are some nice ideas in that. I don't consider myself a full left liberal. I am more moderate as I do have some conservative views. However, I don't consider Trump either a Democrat, Republican, or a moderate. He is way too extreme and if he does any one of those promises(He already broke a lot of those right now.) he will end up making our country far worse than it is now. More prone to attacks against us an much further in debt.

So keep this short as possible I will say this. I still have doubts about him and will most likely never like the guy. He is indeed a xenophone, misogynist. racist, sexist, who has no experience at all in politics. Trump is either going to keep his promises he had made and end up creating a uproar amongst everyone in the country, or he is going to flip flop and end up keep most crap we have already now and disregard all his promises he had made. Which will end up angering the Republican side since he will be playing a fool out of them. He will end up turning on them and becoming moderate instead. He already had done some of this by deciding to keep parts of Obama care in tact. He is going to keep marriage equality in tact, and he's already deciding on that wall and mass deportations may not be such a hot idea.

Regardless of how this ends up if a person who went bankrupted multiple times, cheated on his wife multiple times, had enormous amount of sexual harassment cases against him, had a child rape case going toward him(whether it was real or not who knows, and it's not the point.) and mocks the disabled and other minorities how can be a good president for us? He is a like a two face person. He shows some good sides then his other side is just outrageous. it's sad that this country had decided to choose Trump as the president. I mean if Trump had been black or if Hillary had said/done the things he had done during his campaign everyone will be all over them. It's just that Trump is a white rich male that everyone disregards those flaws.

Anyways like I said we see how he ends up being like when he gets in office. No matter what though I still won't consider him my president and even if he ends up flip flopping all the way round and decided to keep all the stuff we have going for him my mind won't change. The things he had said and done is just plain wrong and none of that should have had him be a candidate of choice for us. He's either going to be impeached, he's going end up resigning, or maybe even assassinated IF he decides to keep his promises he had made. If he ends up flip flopping which he already starting to do then he's going to piss off all the Republicans who voted for him because of his "promises" that he had made. We shall see what happens in this time. I highly doubt he will change anything for the good if anything at all. If change does happen it will surely be far worse than we have it now.

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thanks obama, seriously.

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What I'm about to say has nothing to do with policies. Fact is that Hillary is a Satanic Luciferian cult member, yes she is a religious person. She's owned by globalist bankers and is an establishment puppet. She's also a homo and pedophile, (she has sex with minors and paid visits to an island where people in power have sex with children). She's racist when not in public (calls black people "N" word and thinks anyone without power is worthless.) Her campaign was funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, these same nations funded Isis. The people she represents want you poor and stupid. Her whole team would break any law to stay in power, even threaten or kill people to shut them up. These points are based off of wiki leaks and insiders (people who knew them/ were close to them, worked for them, or had intel). Trump is actually not apart of this corruption. Whatever he's done is nothing compared to Clinton and the media is censored in her favour. Right now if anyone was for Hillary, they're clearly blind, brainwashed or have they're values twisted. Everyone needs to wake-up, be more objective and question the credibility of information they receive.

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@masinko: From the past week, Trump has broken so many campaign promises. he's basically bush 2.0 with anti PC as a plus.

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@zcrimsyn : So, just some points I'd like to respond to. I didn't vote for Trump, nor do I support him, but there are lots of bad information out there about him. Firstly, I know you're against him, but whether you like it or not, he is our next President (unless there's an Electoral College overthrow on December 19 when he's actually planned to be elected, but that's another discussion for another time). I encourage you to read his 100 day plan to have in store for the US:

> He wants to waste more of our money building that stupid wall (hoping the Mexicans will reimburse us. L0l L0l L0l) which will put us in further debt than we are now.
Totally agree that the wall is a waste of money. But if you look into what he means by Mexico will pay for it, he means the money that is allocated for the US's foreign aid for Mexico will be reallocated for the wall. In 2013, the us spent over $419 million in foreign aid, he wants to use that.

> His views on climate change is absurd and will be the end of our world as we know it.
I hate his stance on climate change. To say it is the end of the world might be a bit extreme, I don't know it might be, it might not be. Though I am very against the Keystone Pipeline and he is very supportive of that, it will cause major environmental damages. But clean energy is becoming cheaper and more efficient to use. The only thing that would prevent clean energy advancements is lobbyists from coal and fuel companies. Trump does highlight his anti-lobbying stances in his 100 day plan. If they go into effect, hopefully (though I'm being very optimistic here) that industry won't have as large of an impact on American politics as it currently does.

> He's going take away marriage equality, abolish affordable healthcare for the needy and elderly, remove or alter social security so it's harder to obtain, and abolish planned parenthood.
Trump has said he will fully support the LGBT groups of America in his speech after being elected (though he has had his platform saying things against it). Read his 100 day what he plans on replacing the AHA with. If you've been keeping up with the AHA, it's unsustainable as is, people are going into debt because premiums are raising by absurd amounts and people can't afford it. Trump also supports preventing Insurance companies from dropping people for pre-existing conditions (a huge plus for people who had illnesses like cancer, and their insurance dropped them). Trump has his own plan on Healthcare reform. With our current Health Insurance infrastructure, I think his is better, but until we have an overhaul of the entire Health Insurance structure in America, we can't have affordable for everyone. (If Bernie was elected he would make radical movements to reform Health insurance, I'm upset the DNC dropped him). Social security (whether you support liberal or conservative side) is going to end because the retirement age is still 65 and people are living much younger, there were already plans in place to drop it unless you're currently enrolled in a Social Security program. It's a sad truth, but that's the world we live in. As for planned parenthood, I don't know enough about his stance on that to know his real intents with it. I hope he doesn't.
*npr on the AHA premium prices:

> Banning all Muslims and deporting all immigrants is not the way to keep this country safe.
Agree, that won't keep the country safe. But, again, refer to his 100 day plan. He wants the ban entry on 'terror-brone regions', though kind of f'd up that the people escaping those regions are trying to escape the terror there (almost all of which America started in the first place, refer to an amazing movie called Charlie Wilson's War on how America f'ed up after the Cold War). And he doesn't want to deport all immigrants, just illegal ones. If you're here on a visa, green card or obtained citizenship, you're safe.

> We had a surplus when Clinton was in office and all of sudden we lost it all to an idiot who stole his way into office twice.
Okay, so to this day, Clinton's surplus is still a widely debated trend today (not enough time has passed for us to fully analyze it). Yes, during Clinton's term the economy boomed, but it is stil debated if his policies (Glass-Steagall, for example, helped banks grow, which is a trend that the economy is booming, but it also left them open to pocket the money) were a short-term help that prolonged long-term economic debt which Bush inherited. I think it's really important for people to know this before pointing fingers.

> Flat tax system is not beneficial unless you are in that 2% bracket.
Agree, progressive reform of the brackets is the way to go.

> Those illegals are doing the jobs no higher class people even want to do. They are working for pennies so how does that take anything away from you? If you deported all the illegals out of this country and put up the ban of people entering then who are going to do those jobs?
So, I'm pretty split on this issue as it's pretty double sided. I'm against it for the reasons you pointed out, but I'm also for it for some other reasons. Firstly, they shouldn't be paid pennies, they should be paid a fair wage. The fact that illegal immigrants are doing these jobs are the reasons that companies are getting away with paying their workers pennies. If they were here on a work visa, green card or had citizenship, they could sue the company or complain to their union for being underpayed. There's another side to this issue that I didn't even consider until yesterday when I read this ( If you're in Sillicon Valley and you're a programmer, engineer, etc, you're probably salaried at least $75,000. Many of these tech companies have been abusing H-1B visas to outsource their work to foreign workers to do them for close to nothing. So imagine a start-up needing a team of 6 engineers, they would have to normally pay their workers around $450k, but by abusing the H-1B visa, they could outsource a large team to do their job for dirt cheap. That's close to half-a-million dollars that should be going from those rich companies to the shrinking working class.

> I personally feel more wars are going to happen with Trump in office and much more debt.
Every president starts a way before they run for office again. It increases their approval rating and nationalism. It's a sad world we live in. :'(

> and going to undo everything good that was done the pass 8 years.
Playing devil's advocate here, but that's sort of Obama's poor planning. He was unable to get legislation passed by the house and senate for the actions he wanted to take and resorted to Executive Orders for them. Since Executive Orders hold no actual substance aside from the president saying 'Because I said so', they can be torn apart at any given moment if the president decides never mind. Obama did the same when Bush was first elected into office. This always happens when there's a power shift in the executive branch.

> I hope I end up eating my words. I really do. I am hoping all those crazy things that Trump done to win the presidency was just a ploy to get elected and he won't be as crazy as he seems.
Going to end my lost post by saying: I'm with you on this. I'm playing devil's advocate on most of the issues here, but he did win the presidency, and he does deserve at least having the benefit of the doubt until he messes up. If not, maybe he'll be impeached, the democrats don't like him and half the republicans don't either... -.-"

Also, I hope you don't take this as an attack to your original posts. I'm just trying to spread some knowledge and debunk some bad information. If you feel I'm wrong on the things I said, feel free to refute me and enlighten me. There's a lot of bad information spread, and everyone (including myself) is prone to being mis-informed.

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i already said im not rich/upperclass and idk how you got that out of anything i said, you idjit, and i do care about people, so long as they arent leaches (which makes the economy worse for anybody that has a job and actually pays all their own bills, hobbies, and wants) and have not wrong me personally.

and its clear you are delusional for thinking a typical politician will make anything better, Trump is a businessman and not a politician yes, but thats what this country needs, somebody that actually cares about this country, most politicians over the past decades have shown that they dont care about the economy, so they keep things going how they have been going and they get worse, and worse, and yes even worse.

cant explain his plan?, yet there was talk of taxing products coming from overseas? yeah, that totally doesnt sound like it makes any sense right?

that would actually suck for big business because its the big businesses making their products in factories overseas, so reality check, it will be worse for big business.

Obamacare, affordable? why do you think every political candidate on both sides were talking about getting rid of Obamacare and putting something else in place?

Obamacare is only great for people that are either

1. Leaches (So the government will cover the cost)


2. have many expensive health problems

anybody else would rather pay the fine for not having medical coverage because it costs much less.

and again, do you really think the Congress or Senate would allow things to pass that help the select few while making everything worse for everybody else?

true, much legislation does favor the rich, like how they get tax breaks, but that doesnt simultaneously mean they will let something pass that will mess things up for the middle class and down, like building that wall or mass deportation, at least so long as the group in question is legal US citizens.

and not only was Hillary "NOT THE BEST CHOICE", she was the worst choice, i rather have somebody as president whom, you know where he stands and he is anti-terrorist.

Hillary is Pro-Terrorist, and would have likely given Benghazi Terrorists and other Terrorists "POLITICAL REFUGE", and would of likely tried to make everywhere like Chicago, where law abiding citizens aren't allowed guns, only Police Officers and Criminals.

we can keep debating, but it doesnt make any sense, because you dont know anything about Economics or common sense and you are very in denial.

its like you are saying "NOPE, WONT HAPPEN, LALALALALALALA, I CANT HEAR YOU" every time somebody tries to mention anything that makes any sense and explains things with a sense of reason, and you pick and choose and fabricate whatever you want to try and make your nonsense seem like it makes the slightest bit of sense.

just like time and time again, you assume im Rich or Upperclass.

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@tyrantblade: If you honestly believe Trump is going to do all those things you are delusional. Trump can't even explain his plan at all and just says he's going to do this and do that. Making things harder for the lower class/mid class and giving tax cuts to the rich only is not what's going to help the country. We had a Republican in office for 8 years and he made this country a dump. Trump is far worse than a normal Republican and will do far worse than those 8 years. Obviously though you are born in a rich family so you have no consideration for the needy. You rather see the homeless die on the street or the mid class struggle in getting ends meet as long as you receive your tax cut and be able to use your stupid guns.

I never said that we should keep the borders open but what Trump is proposing is not the right way to go about it. Banning all Muslims from entering the country is just creating more division and racism. Mass deportation is not going to solve those problems you listed. It's obvious you're a far right conservative though so you can careless about anyone else. Trump doesn't believe in global warming and his views on global warming is going to ruin the environment for us. The economy is going to be in shambles because it's only going to benefit the big businesses. He's going to defund planned parenthood which means more illegal means of getting an abortion. He may even go as far as repealing marriage equality. He's already going to repeal Obama care which means much harder to get affordable healthcare for all.

You blame Obama for the passed 8 years saying the country is his fault but that wasn't his fault at all. In fact the country was getting a lot better for the majority. The fact that it doesn't benefit your pockets though is what makes it seem like his fault. Tired of this argument though because nothing will get through to you. For some reason you dismiss all the faults Trump has shown. Sexist, racist, prejudiced type of personality and claim he's going to be our hero. A person who states he can shoot anyone on the street and you still will vote for him is not a leader. A person who promotes violence by mocking the disabled and harassing women is not a leader. A person who brags about groping women and stating that if you don't have the "look" you won't get anywhere in life is not a leader. A person who is endorsed by the KKK is not a leader. Hillary may not have been the best choice but since it was impossible to get a 3rd party in office she was the better choice for the majority of people.

Just wait though and you see how terrible these next 4 years will be like. I can pretty much guarantee something extreme will end up happening within the first year of his presidency. No Republican is good for the economy. Especially someone who is so much like a Tyrant than a leader for our country. Most people are trying to give him a "chance" right now because he clearly won the election but that's just because we have to. He's going to be a failure in the end though and going to undo everything good that was done the pass 8 years.

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Let's be frank, it's more likely that men would be internally persuaded to feel that they ought to be lethargic and mentally as well as sometimes, in America, even physically crippled as a backward psychological meaning of righteousness, hence a lot of philosophical people are willing to believe in their political perception, that women can see how it will actually make more violence occur in the world they share with others if the child feels guilty for that which would not maker sense to feel violent for the sake of their immediate environment interaction, since I would not need to think that I need to wait to be free and that being free means my parents are finally dead, since my older sister would already be in the picture to take care of that real life stress, and she already makes enough to take care of my parent's funeral expenses.

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@zcrimsyn: i think you forget that the votes were split almost 50/50, Hillary got a small percentage more, it wasnt like she won by popular vote by a landslide.

and if you think a regular politician is gonna be the one to give the system a reset it desperately needs, you are the one who is dead wrong.

and Trump already mentioned heavily taxing things coming from overseas countries like China and whatnot, how does that help us? maybe not directly or immediately, but at the very least is put a heavy cost increase on overseas products, which hopefully deter companies from continuing to make businesses overseas, which is why the US is so messed up to begin with.

take away jobs and increase the cost of everything (lots less money going around where it needs to go, and the people that do have jobs dont have enough money to spend to make the economy improve) = how you mess up a whole country and end up in a huge national deficit.

if anybody is going to improve the economy, its gonna be the unconventional choice, and thats Trump, besides that, a better economy is good for everybody, not the select few.

to the select few its the same whether the economy sucks or not, because it doesnt suck when you have millions/billions+.

anyways, im done arguing, you are just a pessimistic naysayer who will keep saying "Nope, wont happens, things cant get better, they will only get worse" " LA LA LA LA LA LA LA, I CANT HEAR YOU REASON"

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@tyrantblade: How can Trump improve anything if he has yet to provide any type of concrete ways of doing what he says. Anyone can say they can bring back jobs. Anyone can say they can make American great again. Trump hasn't provided any plan of what he's going to do. It was all talk and there is no way to say he is telling the truth or he is just talking out of his ass.

If Trump can't handle his candidacy properly with out acting ridiculous by saying that Hillary was rigging the system, or have riots being started in his rallies. I highly doubt he can improve the country at all. He's the type of person that if something doesn't go his way he will just nuke us all right there. He's a trigger happy fool that won't listen to anyone. He mocks the disabled, degrades the women, gropes women, has lust feelings for his own daughter, had a child rape case, sued by Trump university being illegit, was a draft ditcher, doesn't pay his taxes, makes racists remarks, and only cares for the rich.

With that in mind I still do not believe how he even became the nominee of the Republican party. Majority of the Republicans did not even want him and told him to step down. George HW Bush voted for Hillary, and George W. Bush did not even vote for Trump. That right there tells you something isn't right if majority of your own party hates you. Also the popular vote made Hillary the winner. It was the electoral college that made Trump win. So no the people did not vote in Trump. It was a system that voted him in.

To each their own though. If you really think that Trump can do better than Obama had done for us then that's all you. I personally feel more wars are going to happen with Trump in office and much more debt will be brought into us than what George W. Bush had done. As I said though I hope I end up eating my words because this country does need a great president. It's just very hard to believe that Trump is going to be that one with the type of person he had shown us already. What was elected was a dictator not a president.

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@zcrimsyn: I believe Trump may try some of those things, but the ridiculous ones are likely to not happen.

After all, it's not "what the president says goes"; his ideas have to go through other parts of the government (the Congress and Senate), and the majority has to agree to put those ideas into action.

I don't believe his outlandish plans will happen so easily, but we will need to wait and see on what Trump tries to pass and what actually passes.

And it's not a case of the higher class wanting jobs the illegals do, I never mentioned "the Donald Trumps of the world" wanting those jobs and idk where you got the idea that I was talking about the rich; I'm talking about the working lower and middle classes.

And some people are alright with flipping burgers and cleaning toilets; in fact a lot of those jobs help people gain experience to get better jobs in the future.

Also, yes Bill Clinton was making the country better, but it would not have got much better in just the time that Bush was president anyways.

And the reason Trump got elected was because people want something way different from a Politician, they want somebody that will at least attempt radical ideas; and they knew Hillary Clinton would of done nothing to make this a better country.

Hillary Clinton would of just kept things going, and things would of just kept getting worse.

So yes, things can improve with Trump as president, and nobody can prove they won't, so they should at the very least see what happens before saying things won't improve.

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@zcrimsyn: This isn't my opinion, but from the way I observe things it seems that some people voted Trump for at least some of the reasons you have stated. There's people out there who are tired of the whole state of affairs regarding the economy and the gap between the rich and poor and who already know what Clinton entails, especially since she's been in the political spotlight for decades, and who are tired of the elite (which Clinton belongs to, although yes, you can question that by saying that Trump definitely is in that group, so I digress). There was simply no way for Clinton to break out of her base of supporters unless she did something that was radically different from her already existing set of beliefs. Trump, on the other hand, was talking about bringing jobs back to the American people and was proposing more radical ways of doing so (establish massive tariffs on countries like China, kick out Mexicans who are 'stealing jobs' back to the border beyond the wall, etc.).

The only definitive effect I'm seeing so far has more to do with things like the Supreme Court Justices (with Ginsberg and Breyer being the oldest liberal judges); it's really just the right opportunity at this point for the Republicans to make their mark on that part that can have very long-lasting effects. A court system that is predominantly one side of the political spectrum probably isn't going to be too good when it comes to legal jurisdiction.

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@tyrantblade: you honestly don't believe Trump when he says those crazy things? Why would he even make those claims in the first place if he did not mean at least some of those? Trust me Trump is not a politician. He's a business man and he's going to do things what benefits himself. I really do not see why anyone would think Trump would be something wonderful for our country. The reason why this country is so messed up (I really hate to put blame but it's the truth.) is because of George W Bush. We had a surplus when Clinton was in office and all of sudden we lost it all to an idiot who stole his way into office twice.

Obama did a lot for our country and jobs were beginning to grow. However, you guys kept him down and did not let him do as much as he could. Not to mention the country was so much in a mess that it would take longer than eight years to get out of it. Trump is not going to change anything for the good. Having more conservative restrictions is not going to help rebuild this country. It's going to further divide us and keep the poor poorer. Flat tax system is not beneficial unless you are in that 2% bracket. All those tax breaks you guys want are not for the mid or lower class. It's for the rich. So really there should no Republicans who are not in that 2% bracket because you are not going to receive any help.

Those illegals are doing the jobs no higher class people even want to do. They are working for pennies so how does that take anything away from you? If you deported all the illegals out of this country and put up the ban of people entering then who are going to do those jobs? I highly doubt the Donald Trumps in this world are going to clean up the toilets or flip the burgers. You are going end up resorting to robots instead which ends up losing more jobs for the people instead. I am not saying to open the borders. Obviously there should be some sort of protection,but the way Trump wants to do it and how a lot of conservatives want to do it is not the way of going about it. You are destroying families and creating further division among us.

TBH though I hope I end up eating my words. I really do. I am hoping all those crazy things that Trump done to win the presidency was just a ploy to get elected and he won't be as crazy as he seems. If he ends up actually doing good for everyone then maybe I can accept him as a president. Until we see that though I will judge him based off what we seen already. A xenophobic fascist that is not a true politician but a reality star and a business man who doesn't pay his taxes and promotes s3xual harassment, prejudice, racism, and extreme violence. If he even does one thing he promised he would do it's a guarantee that this country will fail and the masses will do what they can to get him out of office asap. Remember the popular vote was for Hillary. It was the out dated electoral college that elected him into office. Not the people. Again though I hope I end up eating my words and I guess we will find out within the first year how "great" of a president he really is.

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@zcrimsyn: maybe you didnt read the end of my comment, i said that i realize government help is needed for some.

the problem is that everything is so messed up it needs some sort of a reset, and far too many lazy people leach off of government benefits and too few that need the benefits cant get them because benefits are more easily given to those leaches that dont need benefits but dont want to work.

and honestly, you really believe Donald Trump will be able to do any of the ridiculous things he claims?

being president does have limits and there is the Congress and Senate to step in if they disagree with whatever the president is trying to do, bottom line is if it comes to anything extreme regarding one race, it most likely wont happen.

and if the building a wall thing ever comes true, well, thats not about immigration, immigration is a great thing when its done like its supposed to.

but people crossing the border and working under the table for below minimum wage is something that takes away from the system, we are all worse off if our jobs are given to illegal immigrants instead of legal citizens.

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@tyrantblade: You are basically stating that all democrats and that all government help are for lazy and leechers. The help that was provided to us yes was abused by some but you can't judge it based off some bad apples. Government help is needed for the less fortunate since the conservative view is for the rich and wealthy only. Trust me Trump being the president is not going to help us at all. It's going to ruin everything that obama has done and do far worse than what George W Bush had done to our country. Banning all Muslims and deporting all immigrants is not the way to keep this country safe. That's what they want us to do. They want us to fear them so they can manipulate us.

Removing all government help isn't going to help anyone but the rich stay richer and the poor stay poorer. You are not giving hand outs by allowing government to help. You are helping the people who can not reach those higher places due to one reason or another. Not all homeless uses the money you give them to buy booze. You are generalizing the whole community that way which is wrong. Sorry to say but I do not see any good in a Trump presidency. He's not even a Republican. He's more of a dictator if anything. I much rather have a Bush in office or any of the other Republicans that ran for presidency than Trump. Trump is going to bring us into more unnecessary wars and bring us further into debt.
@greatbolshy you are once again a hypocrite since you just did the same thing by thinking I am Mexican with your statement about jumping the border. Republicans are the most judgmental and generalizing party of them all. They think that all Democrats just want hand outs and are lazy bums that can't "work". They think that all immigrants are here to steal there jobs and are not hard workers. The immigrants here are probably much harder worker than you are. You get to sit on your ass laying off the others. While we do your dirty work that you will never do in your life time. You are a business owner so obviously the trickle down economy works best for you. Since you are a greedy fool that does not want to help anyone but yourself. You don't want to be taxed out of your money even though you can very much afford it. So you rather have the lower/mid class be taxed more than you do so you can keep your cash in your pockets.

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@zcrimsyn: i just typed out a really long reply but when i submitted it, basil gave me an error so it deleted. i'll just summarize what i said in a much less fun way.

- yes, nearly everyone in my family is a well off business owner.

- i have no clue how you got the idea that i'm christian when i never stated it on this thread. you're just trying to throw stuff at the wall and hope it sticks. don't worry, you're not the only one to do that. the democratic party tried it once. they lost to donald trump.

- you don't know the difference between nationality and ethnicity but call me ignorant. ignorance is bliss.

like i said, i don't feel like typing up everything i had before so this will have to do since i'm tired as balls. i'd be happy to continue tomorrow, though.

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I'm actually hopeful that things very well can improve since if you know anything, you know how messed up the system and even our country as a whole are.

I mean how is it that life is easier for lazy people who don't work and use benefits from the government to pay for everything; compared to people that work for a living that is?

They get benefits that give them money, housing, food stamps, and to be just as well off you need a very good job?

That's not right, if you are working, the government is taking from quite a lot from you and life is hard.

By the sheer nature of being a contributing part of the system rather than a leach,things should be easier, not harder.

Those government benefits need to be scaled back to where the working class is better off than the leaches, to where they aren't living comfortably and the working class is.

And there should be great health care billed to the government, with one thing, benefits should be primarily given to the working class.

If you are leaching off the system, you should be getting such small benefits that eventually just get cut off so you have to get job.

And again, this is purely in the case of the many lazy leaches out there.

I know there are legitimate cases where people need and deserve help from the government, but sadly there are probably many, many cases out there where those in need can't get benefits while the leaches do.

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Truth is Donald Trump will be your president as long as you live in this country and/or have a US citizenship. You can deny the truth but it won't change anything.

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@greatbolshy: This is the type of behavior that I am talking about. I wanted to refrain from insults since a debate should not have to resort to that point. However, you are just proving my point that you are an ignorant, judgmental, hypercritical Republican like majority of them are. What's even more funny is you claim that you are Christian and yet you result into name calling and stating stupid crap like "jumping the border" How Christian is that? What I said is 100% factual. Far right conservatives want to repeal affordable healthcare for lower and mid class people, they want to increase the age of retirement or abolish ss all together. They want to remove help for planned parenthood, and they want to give tax cuts only toward the rich. Flat tax system does not help anyone but the 2% of the population.

Lastly, how the hell do you know what nationality I am? You say hop the border but you don't know if I am Mexican, white, Asian, black, etc. You are proving your ignorance and stupidity in your comment by being the judgmental freak yourself. Have fun with YOUR xenophobic and fascist dictator. Don't come crying when more terrorist attacks happen, oil prices increases, our climate turns to garbage, and your grandparents end up dying bc they can't afford the healthcare they need. If you one of those rich 2% of the population then none of this would affect you. In which case you are a greedy sob who can careless about anyone else. Feel free to stop replying back unless you are willing to debate in a respectful manner. If you're going to resort to unnecessary insults don't waste my time.

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@zcrimsyn: i've been around on basil since probably 2007 fairly consistently, so what i'm about to say should truly be an honor for you. i don't think i've stumbled upon such an idiotic comment in all of my time browsing this site. i'm honestly having a hard time digesting how glorious this comment is. instead of wasting my time debunking everything you've said, i'll quote the madman himself. "WRONG."

feel free to hop the border, but after january 20, good luck climbing back over it

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@greatbolshy: George W Bush cheated the system twice and won both times and you praise him like he's God though? I dislike both Hillary and Trump think they are both crooks in their own ways. However, since the choice was between Trump and clinton I chose Clinton since Trump is just a joke of a person. Makes no sense why anyone in the right mind would vote for such a person. He boasts about groping women, he was under a child molestation case, he is trigger happy and will nuke us all sooner or later, and he wants to take away rights and impose Christianity on everyone in the country.

What's even more funny is how women think it's disgusting for normal men to talk dirty and treat them as s3x toys. Yet when Trump does it it's okay thing to do. If you voted for Trump that means you think it's fine to s3xual harass women as long as you have power and money. You also promote racism and it's okay to mock the disabled. I rather had Jeb Bush as president than a guy like Trump who will do absolutely nothing for our country but start wars. Bush was terrible president back in 2000-2008 but he will look like a saint compared to the reign of Trump. Trump is going be more like a dictator than a president and will not do anything for you unless it benefits him. Feel free to argue with me and call me a stupid libtard since that's what most if not all Republicans seem to resort to if someone has shares a different opinion than you.

Anyways though just wait and see how these 4 years end up being under a xenophobic, fascist, racist, dictator like Trump. He wants to waste more of our money building that stupid wall (hoping the Mexicans will reimburse us. L0l L0l L0l) which will put us in further debt than we are now. His views on climate change is absurd and will be the end of our world as we know it, and I can pretty much guarantee another event like 9/11 will happen and/or unnecessary war will occur before he leaves the house. He's going take away marriage equality, abolish affordable healthcare for the needy and elderly, remove or alter social security so it's harder to obtain, and abolish planned parenthood. So all those women who think it's "their" choice for your body will not be able to say that anymore under Trump.

He is not my president and I will never call him my president. He's a joke and makes the USA a mockery. Call me a hater, libtard, not a real American, etc idc. You will all wake up a rude awakening within these next 4 years. Our Country will never be the same. It will have change that's for sure but it won't be a good change. It will be terrible change.

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shoutout to hillary clinton for being corrupt and greedy and losing the election by trying to cheat the system and getting exposed

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My eyes.

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The amazing lesson you can take from this is to never judge anything by it's looks, smells, what it's made of, and other amazing variables. I understand that this is an oft repeated theme or idea that you have been constantly exposed to in your lifetime, but hear me out on this one example. The example I must show you, is the eight-year veteran of the presidential position of the United States. That's correct, my example is Barack "Hope and Change" Obama, the first African American president in United States History.

Now, Obama was elected in 2008 to tears and standing ovations and all those other loud and clear declarations of joy and hope that most presidents receive when they win. It was hoped that he would change the country, bring order and justice and peace within the fractured and damaged nation. Unfortunately, these hopes were sadly crushed slowly over the years as his policies were implemented in uninspired and hotly contested ways. His promises of making America great again were soon shown to be nothing but dust and ashes, blown away quicker by the sands of time than most presidents in our storied past. It is of course, not all his fault, as these cases most generally come down to in the end but nonetheless, he is at fault for a sizable portion of this failure. In his case, our dashed hopes come down to judging the book by it's cover instead of what actually lay inside. And for that crime, the only fault lies with the American people for having such high expectations driven by an unrelenting hype campaign.

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this will be the last time we'll be able to thank obama for anything, so cherish it

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