Is it really dead if people still post about it being dead?

I mean, technically people are still posting here, right? And there are people all the time who post about MapleStory being dead, who are still active in the game themselves and attract other active people to post their thoughts. So posting about things being dead actually means they're not really dead, since they add activity to something that would otherwise be dead? Wouldn't it make more sense if, just like how a dead thing should act, that there would be no activity at all about dead things and thus no posts at all about anything? Because that is really what death represents?

After all, they say to be the change you want to see in the world. Change still seems to be happening, and dead things don't really change all that much or they cease to exist, do they? I myself have become the change too; this post about dead things is proof that things aren't really dead, and adds to the activity. Or is all of this meta-death, death simply referencing death itself, or a death of death itself?

November 17, 2018

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A community is classified as "dead" if there is little to no activity within that community.

Reply November 18, 2018