Technology replacing all our jobs

This is going to be a slightly long post, but this is a very serious issue that's in my mind right now that I would like to discuss. I will include a TL;DR version down below with all the questions I want to ask about this.

Automation right now is a big issue that you often hear about in the news, alongside outsourcing being another primary issue. But I want to focus this topic on automation and technology in particular because it's replacing all of our jobs right now - all the jobs from the Mechanics, to even the Priests serving everywhere around the world. (Yes, even religious occupations I fear may be vulnerable to this issue as well.) This is why you often hear about jobs that are "in-demand" - the stuff that everyone likes to harp on by informing you where all the good money is, which can leave one conflicted if that's not necessarily where their skill set lies (or where their interest lies for that matter), especially when it becomes difficult and at times impossible to make a job switch depending on your circumstances.

It does truly make one wonder whether or not you should pursue your passion or whether or not the moolah is really something that will make you happy. Some prefer the former, some prefer the latter and others prefer some combination of the two from what I've heard while possibly not having it the best of both ways - although then again maybe there is a way to do that according to some others as well, but I digress.

Now this goes for everything from 1st job to 4th jobs - I feel that none of them are safe. That also includes the upcoming 5th job advancement. With so many hackers everywhere, it is quite apparent that more and more of our jobs are becoming increasingly automated. A lot of the more recent jobs such as the Kinesis and the Blaster are heavily reliant on newer technologies for their weapons, which I think gives them an unfair advantage especially when it comes to the recent KMS DPM charts. Henceforth I predict such jobs will become more dominant within the near future while other jobs like the Jett and the Demon Slayer will continue to be replaced, and I think that is a bad thing especially given our current economic situation as many people will lose their jobs. Many of those affected are never to be heard again (and are possibly left for dead), while new people in these other booming industries (in regards to the Kinesis and the Blaster) will suddenly appear out of nowhere, as if they've just been created for this particular occasion or something. Granted, Evans have also been granted a huge boost - but I'm inclined to believe that due to our heavily technological society that this massive increase is solely artificial in nature and that it only serves to prove my point that technology has become a serious threat to the economy.

Interesting enough, I think some of the part-time jobs will not be affected too heavily by this. In fact it might even become increasingly more popular as more full-time jobs are being replaced, especially when it comes to part-time work in the resting profession. Seriously, you can get rewarded for just resting? That's absolutely absurd!

My TL;DR version and conclusion: So what do you guys think of all this? Do you think technology will completely replace all of our jobs? Do you think it is justified to replace many of our current jobs (like the Jett and the Demon Slayer) with more technologically advanced ones like the Kinesis and the Blaster (which have higher DPM and rely on more "advanced" weapons)? Do you see this in general as a positive or a negative?

June 11, 2016

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But to keep the discussion real:

I really don't know the answer to the issue either. Many economists seem to state that it probably won't ever happen [1], while the die-hard futurist types are saying otherwise (because economics fails to take into account the rapid change of technological progress and etc.) Personally though, I think there's too many other things going on in the circle of life to really be so concerned about all of it at the moment, so long as one maintains curiosity about everything.

But seriously though, I have great concern for all the Paladins and Phantoms out there who may be losing their jobs soon and who will struggle to look for new jobs. This post, and [url=]this toast[/url] goes out to them.


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funny thread i laughed nice one

my answer is: i dont know. if i had to guess i would say that this process of automation will take a very very long time so so we won't have to worry about it in our lifetimes, and if we do, it won't be till way later

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lol Funny thread.

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It's an inevitable stage of late capitalism i guess, but i doubt that technology and society will evolve to become one of those ones where no one has anything to do, im pretty sure that society will evolve (or has already evolved) to favour three things; creativity, entrepreneurship and technical skills, and most jobs will revolve around them. schools will teach those things more, and beggars will also transform to become more crafty and creative, kind of like merchants.

history repeats itself, and i predict that society will become somewhat feudal again in an economic sense; that it'll be a barter trade mercantile economy. this is after the conglomerates merge into one giant super corporation, and after that corporation falls.

but in terms of mass culture, i bet people will all behave and interact and know eachother like characters in the final fantasy games, where isolation and alienation from one another has reached such a high level and collapsed upon itself, that things just begin again from where they were just after the dark ages ended and everyone was somewhat close with one another, and where a sense of belonging was mainly derived from guilds, etc

real life will literally be like a korean mmorpg lol

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