The horrifying state of MapleStory in 2017 in pictures

So, everything minus the azn names and the boring level grind (which can't be shown in pictures)
oh and yeah those are old pictures and of course they're not 2017 but I'm not sure that there's a difference since people still complain about these things even today

Source of pictures: Me

/end nostalgiajerk

April 21, 2017

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wow no king slime though

Reply April 23, 2017

Which world was this?
I think I remember the person smega-ing A-Z

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>you will never pq with track in kerning city ever again

Reply April 23, 2017

Well man there has always been lag when a vast amount of ppl gather, thats nothing new, given that, if u lag a lot u need a better computer or a better internet conection, i live really far away from north america and i still barelly have any lag at all when playing MS, i may lag when a lot of ppl are casting attacks, but thats just a few seconds and then everything is fine.

Reply April 22, 2017

old mapple better b

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@piana: No, I never meant it in that context - probably wasn't the right word to describe it, but whatever. What I really meant was that I never had that sense of strong feeling or passion about it - whether positive or negative - to drive me to the point of figuring out whether any of those specific people were caught. (And even then it doesn't stop them from coming back anyways.) That's just one big time commitment in general that I can't commit myself into. I still have plenty of other screenshots of other random hackers and stuff like that not in the compilation - I just picked some random ones to illustrate my point. Either way, it would have been too much.

I think hacking in an online game and crimes in real life are two separate things when it comes to seriousness and severity. Not really comparable one way or the other, though I get what you mean.

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@piana: I mean, most of these GMs don't even play Maple and there's a lot of protocols in place so their lack of impact regarding this matter is justified. Also, considering black market prices for duped items, it's true that, from a monetary standpoint, it makes more sense for a GM to work with hackers.

spent like 3 minutes trying to word it in a way that wouldn't come across as flaming nexon

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@beefly: still hax doe
@piana: Who knows really, I was never that salty enough to find out prior to the name wipe

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Those pink bunny pets tho

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>tfw nobody vac hacks anymore

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Salty witch hunt mhm

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B-but muh nostalgia

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