My thoughts on Corsair's 5th Job Skill

Hey, I am a KMS player that have mained a Bucc, a Cannoneer, and now I am maining a Corsair. Although the trainsition from Cannoneer to Corsair was difficult (Due to the primary stats being different + Cores) I really wanted to give Corsair a shot.

Here are are my thoughts on its 5th job skill, Bullet Party.

Firstly, it is a beast training/farming skill. It has incredible range and damage, completely sweeping the map. For its entire duration, you can use mobility skills like flash jump and etc..(You cannot down jump from a platform however.) It made Corsairs mobbing potential great and the best of all, its skill animation looks very sexy.

Although the cooldown for the skill may seem long at first, you will notice its off cooldown fairly often. PLUS although its initial duration is only 6 seconds, you can spam the attack button to increase its duration for upto 12 seconds.

For bossing the skill is mediocre, but for bosses like Horntail and Magnus,its very invaluable. It made my HT clear time alot faster, and for Magnus, the skill grants super stance making Corsair immune to Magnus' knockback. It also dishes out massive DPS while Magnus flies up in the air to charge his breath attack, not having to rely on Nautilus and Ugly Bomb.

Corsair's 5th job may not be as DPS heavy as Cannoneer's, but the utility it grants I feel fills up Corsair's cons, making it a solid job choice.

Although they are not quality videos you can youtube search 'TeeHeeHoo' for videos on Cannoneers and Corsairs for their 5th jobs respectively.
I will try and get bossing videos up as fast as possible.

August 8, 2016

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I actually really like the 5th job skill we were given. My main issue is the poor animations and the fact that there's a huge cooldown. I would gladly take an damage cut to have it perm. Guns are supposed to be a long distance weapon yet we have one of the worst mobbing skills in game.

Reply August 11, 2016

yeah i saw some of teeheehoo's training videos for sair. For the most part it's still as clunky as now, but with the added fake asura

Reply August 11, 2016

The range is nice, but it still seems like a crappier version of Asura to me. And (if I understand correctly) it only lasts for 2 seconds longer.

Reply August 10, 2016

cant wait to see your videos!!

Reply August 8, 2016

Ouhh hoping to see your videos soon, can`t wait till it hits the GMS servers.

Reply August 8, 2016