Lift guild leader here

Ive been a guild leader for almost a dacade. I met so many different types of people and made so many connections. What started out as a small guild with a few friends, blossomed into more then I have ever dreamed. I am greatful for everyone that had join my guild. The good, the bad, the fake, the true friendships, each one help me understand life better.

What i learned since i started a guild

I learned that in this would (maple world) there are alot of different people. People with different cultures, different views, different life experience and different personalities.

I learned that to be a successful guild leader, I would have to learn to accept people who have different opinions than I do.

I learn that no one is perfect, therefore a guild made of unperfect people will not be perfect as well.

I learned that as a good leader, I have to trust my members and judge everyone fairly.

I learned that there will be times when other guilds who have conflict with a person in my guild would try to seek vengeance by forcing me to kick that member from my guild.

I also learned that its ok that say "No"

I learned that not everyone is going to get along and not everyones going to put up with opposing views. There comes a time when you will lose a member or two due to members fighting over small things such as what class is the best.

I learned that is ok to be disappointed and sad when you lose a member. And i wish them all the best to wherever they're going next.

I learned that diversity should not divided us, but should make us stronger as a group.

I learned that from accepting different perspective from different personalities will make you a more well rounded person.

I learned that even though maplestory is just a game, the players behind the pixels are real human beings. They have feelings just like I do, they need to be respected as an equal no matter what level they are.

I learned that there are alot of people in maple who probably do not agree with me. And they can take their frustration on KSing me or my guildmates but that won't change how I feel.

Maplestory is a game. A guild is a organization with in the game composed of different people with similar interests. As a guild leader, I believe my job is to help out my guildmates as much as I can. My goal is to understand who are the people I live with in this organization and if that person is going to effect the guild positively or negatively. If the person does not cause any harm to those close to me. I will accept them with open arms and support their way of life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I am my own person, so are each and everyone of you. If you get into an altercation with another player who does not agree with you, which leads to a strong verbal discussion. Take this as a life experience, understand there's people with different views and let it go after the matter. Don't bring in people who are not involved (such as the guild leader) and expect them to be an athorty figure to help you prove a point. Even if you are correct in whatever matter, unless my member was scamming, hacking or doing something very offensive that majority of the world would agree; I wish to not be involved. If my member cursed at you, that's between you two. If i was at the scene i would express that I don't find that kind of language necessary, but only advise as a friend.
My guild members are free to leave or stay as they wish. I don't own them, therefore I don't feel like I should tell them how to behave or express their own opinions. I don't feel any leader should do so. We're here to lead the way, to follow or not that's their decision.

This is just my own opinion on how i view my guild and maple life, i am not asking anyone to agree with me or accept my way of doing things. To each their own life to live, that's what I'm trying to say!

June 10, 2015

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[quote=zomgitbeandy]the only thing i caught from this thread is dacade[/quote]

Eh.. It's just a minor spelling error.. Please, try to look at the beauty of the full image instead of searching for errors in it.

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Thankyou for this silent shout out to your guild and those who disagree with how u handle its members.

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How many "I"s are you going to use. What are you 14?

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the only thing i caught from this thread is dacade

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Although, I don't think I've ever seen anyone in Lift in the 5 on and off years I've been playing in Khaini[/quote]

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lel race me in fleg race m8. But seriously the only time ive ever been associated with lift is when i took a member to do cwkpq and he stole specs O.O.

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wat is r dacade

how is lift guld how mani activ 1

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Nice to see a dedicated and compassionate guild leader
Though, I do believe that a guild leader's job is to not only help their members out, but to unite under their name as one, and make one another feel like they belong there. That is what a lot of guilds I've been seeing these days lack, and it truly is heart breaking

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cri err tim

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Finally a post that's not a joke

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Judging by your experience. You are a bad guild leader.

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Although, I don't think I've ever seen anyone in Lift in the 5 on and off years I've been playing in Khaini

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