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Maple Leaf Council helo guy, i was wonder who r u nominate for? :| i tink this is gud idea for nexon, i wan to see how this wil go! [url=]link[/url] here is open position for maple leaf council, ther is mani slot open. :3 [url=!%26nxid%3D6]link[/url] here is ppl who ready get positon, congrat to them! <3 do you guy hav any idea who you wan to vote for? :/ i think i wan nomiate for Dawn Warrior positon and i wan vote for shad but i think sombudy already got positon. i wan vote for mrbasil but i not no wot


Transparent Shield Question Personally I have gotten my transparent shield however, my brother was having issues going into CS. He dced over 30 times upon attempting into enterring the CS last night. I know he's not the only one due to all the chatter in Guild, Alliance, Buddy, and even on here. He can't currently post on Basil atm so I'm asking for him. Do you think Nexon will be extending the purchase for the items? Or should they do so, seeing as many people were having issues entering CS at that time? [I know this is all speculation but I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.] Also, note he has this idea of making a guild as well for new people and such if you don't mind, check it out and put some input: [url=http://www.basilm