Learning Finishing Blow makes Battle BurstTele unusable?

Right, so I discovered something odd while leveling my Battle Mage.

Before hitting level 100, I was using Battle Burst+Teleport frequently. It was a lot of fun and I loved the mobility it provided. But after hitting 4th job, I noticed I couldn't use Teleport during Battle Burst's animation anymore. Instead I had to wait for the animation to end (or use FB) before I could tele again.

Trying to figure out what changed, I bought an SP reset scroll. I put my SP back in my 1st-3rd job skills and, once again, I could Battle Burst+Tele normally. So I knew one of my 4th job skills was causing Battle Burst to act screwy. My plan was to go down the list and figure out the offending skill, and as soon as I put one point in Finishing Blow, the Battle Burst+Teleport combo stopped working. Here's a comparison:

0 SP in Finishing Blow:
1 SP in Finishing Blow: (it's impossible to tell, but I am spamming Teleport in this one)

I don't know why it's like this. Is this intended? Am I missing something?

October 25, 2016

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Im an experienced bam main. But im way too old. Battle burst wasnt a thing when I was a third jobbie in 2011.
I never used that combo, so I couldnt tell you if its broken. I use fb+tele+ dark chain while hunting.

Reply October 30, 2016

Now that you mention it, FB no longer even cancels BBurst anymore in the way that it used to; I just tried it. You used to be able to cast FB at any point during BBurst to cancel the rush, but it seems like that interaction is broken.

That aside, my guess is that the introduced combo-ability between FB and BB is probably what adds the delay that you experience. I wish there were honestly more experienced BaM mains to chime in and share their experiences, but we're a rare breed these days.

Reply October 30, 2016

Oh wow. Honestly, I actually remember discovering this a while back. Can't remember exactly when, but I can understand where your going at with this issue.

Though, I don't know if this issue was ever address or if this was meant to be there but, I think it would be best to let Nexon know about this and see if they can fix it later.

Reply October 26, 2016