5th job Hayato

For those who don't know already, 5th job is coming to KMS later this year. Obviously Hayato isn't going to get one for a long time (or possibly never), but I'd like to ask for your thoughts anyway:

- What improvements are you hoping for?
- Will you continue maining a Hayato even without 5th job?

I personally love the class as it is, so it's hard to think of anything more that I'd want. Maybe a skill that allows us to dive downwards, so that we can move in all 4 directions and bring our movement toolkit to completeness. I'm also hoping they do something about Willow Dodge and its usefulness in bossing, but seeing as it's a new job advancement I don't think they're going to touch on that.

I'm going to check out Thunder Breaker's 5th job, but I'd probably crawl back to my Hayato. In the end I would most likely enjoy Hayato's 4th job more than any other class' 5th job.

March 21, 2016

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Shinsucko needs like an additional 5 lines to compete with other classes.

Reply March 28, 2016

Make willow dodge not garbo and more movement options. Thats quite honestly all I care about. If they give me new ways to combo and zip around a map I'll be happy.
If not, oh well. Unless some other classes 5th job really stands out to me I'll probably stick with my hayato.

If bucc 5th job ended up being actually good... it'd be fun to revisit my original main.

Reply March 24, 2016

I'm not a Hayato player but I personally want Shinsoku? the 1 on 1 skill to be less flashy. It's so pink, I don't feel like they're swinging a sword.

Reply March 22, 2016

They have to change Battoujutsu Advance to work better, it's still kind of hard for me to activate all of the attacks. And since each job advancement has 2 Battoujutsu arts, maybe 2 more for 5th job. Then there's going to be another Sanrenzan and Blade Flash.

Maybe they can make another toggle skill that gives both Normal and Quick Draw stage bonuses in either stance. Something that can take the 8% Attack, 25% Ignore Def and 80% Stance Chance from Normal and give it to Quick Draw Stance, and vice versa, have all of the bonuses in whichever Stance you choose. Call it Dual Stance Expertise or something. I always thought Ignore Def is something that's suppose to be useful for bosses, not regular mobs.

I also think God of Blades should be changed into something unique, it's the same thing as Hero's Valhalla. I was thinking about the Astra skill from Fire Emblem, something that reduces our damage but multiplies all of our skills' number of hits by 5. I guess it'd be the same thing as Cannon Master's Buckshot, but I'd like to see Shinsoku do 15 hits, as many hits as it did before it got changed in that Asylum update, think it was 11 hits.

As for the main character, I don't think I have one. I think my Demon Avenger is stronger, but I haven't played it since they changed Execution. I just play whatever I like. I'd still play my Hayato since it's the most fun for me. It most likely depends if Chief Shadower gets those old 3rd job skills back.

Reply March 21, 2016

Im hoping they make the next stage of willow dodge and give more damage (has lower chance past 5 stacks but when it does it becomes op). More lines on the next Sanranzen/Shinsoku, a weapon mastery...? Let us bypass the speed cap cause we attack super fast regardless. thats mostly it and what i hope for, and i guess more skills to combo.

Reply March 21, 2016