Can threads PLEASE bump up to the top

when someone replies to them? Threads used to jump to the top of the forums when someone made a comment on them, and the ones with the most recent replies were always the first to be seen. But this doesn't happen anymore. Any plans on bringing this back? It would make keeping track of ongoing discussions a lot easier. Please and thank you.

I would make this suggestion through a ticket, but I have no idea how to do that, so I'm making a thread instead.

November 13, 2015

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If the inclusion of "thread bumping" was the last thing Mr. Basil was to add to this site for six months I'd be satisfied.

Reply November 17, 2015

@kuri: Bumping is definitely not happening right now. At least in the hayato subforum our achievments thread has been dumped back to page 2 even though it was our most active thread. This kind of system doesn't make any amount of sense whatsoever and it's bizarre that it's even an issue right now.

Reply November 14, 2015

You're right threads aren't bumped. The only ones that are at the top are the ones that are just added at that moment. It doesn't matter if people comment 100x more than another thread, if that thread is newer it will stay at the top. I hate this new system. I agree with you. BUMPING PLEASE.

Reply November 13, 2015

@kuri: Does it? Right now threads are sorted by how newly created they are. That's a problem for long-lasting threads like "x the person above you" or "What did you achieve on x", which inevitably get pushed down as newer threads are made.

What I would like is for threads to be sent to the top of the forum when someone makes a new comment on them. Right now I have to memorise the number of comments next to every thread and look out for a change in those numbers to determine whether or not someone has made a new reply. Keeping track of discussion would be so much easier if threads were sorted by the ones with the most recent replies. Unless this is how it already works and I'm missing something? Because if it already works like this, then I'm not seeing it for some reason O_O

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I'm pretty sure this does happen?

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