Hyper Stat calculator for Heroes
Well since V update reset our hyper stats, time for this thing again since last thread is locked.

Changes from previous version
-Puncture added (before I assume it was +20% flat min/max crit damage when in fact it was 1.2x min/max crit)
-min/max critical damage condensed into critical damage

Since status resistance is not as important anymore, everyone should have more points to spend on other stuff.
The calculator do not take into consideration into ignore defense, so put points into ignore defense if you need it before you use the calculator.
Consider putting points into %HP only if it will help you tank the flame breath in Chaos Crimson Queen.

December 1, 2016

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Status resistance has been changed, instead of ignoring abnormal status, it only reduce the duration of abnormal status and suffer from diminishing return extremely fast.
With Hero endure skill giving 30 resistance, that alone already reduce status duration by 42%, having a total resistance of 55 would only reduce status duration by 49%, and having 100 is only 57%.
Any status duration under 3 second is already countered by "-2 second abnormal status duration" potential.
The question is "if the abnormal status ended a tiny bit sooner, would I still be alive?" Which can only be answered by fighting the boss yourself and testing if it will make a difference.

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why is status resistance not really important anymore?

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Thanks, appreciate your work.

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Good stuff.

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