Oversized Oxford

Is the one you get from Gaga the same thing as the perm nx? It's even movable through the CS...

October 25, 2015

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Yeah it is exactly the same. I just bought them all for my mules so they wouldn't be so oogly.


Reply October 25, 2015

i saw someone buyd oversize oxford for 7.5b!!! they must b vry mad

Reply October 25, 2015

Parts are so cheap now, beginning of the event I sold each part for 8m when they were selling for 15m. Now parts are selling for 300k. I'm just going to deck all my mules in shirts

Reply October 25, 2015

Uh.. What event is this? o.o I want one

Reply October 25, 2015

Farm for every mule

Reply October 25, 2015

Every time toy claim a Futuroid, you get one. However, the Futuroid is Movement in Account, and you can trade the tickets, so you could just give the tickets to other characters you want the shirt on and transfer the android back.

Reply October 25, 2015

Yay, I thought maybe something would be off about them, but I guess not. Woot, don't have to spend an excess for a shirt if I ever happen to want it. c:

Reply October 25, 2015

The same appearance, different name.

Reply October 25, 2015