Super Complaint Saturday Where did nexon go wrong 2014/06/14

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[quote=RichAF]From now on, instead of me making hundreds of threads complaining about nexon daily. I'm just going to create my official weekly complaint thread, feel free to input your opinions. It can be about the maple community, nexon as a whole or just raging about current maple related events. You can rage all you want within basilmarket's rules, when complaining about someone do not use igns use their job/class. All unpopular opinions are welcome, just don't start a fight with anyone. This is a safe zone. [i]Now let the rage begin[/i][/quote]

[b][i]I am not a hacker![/i][/b]
I saved you, I saved this guild and all your worthless accounts. I should of let nexon ban you all.
Yes guilty, guilty I'm guilty of a far more monstrous crime. I'm guilty of being a hacker, you've been calling me a hacker my entire life.
I have nothing to say but this, I did not do it! I didn't hack you but I wish I had! seeing your reaction gave me more relief than a thousand enhancements working! I wish I was the hacker you think I am. I wish i had hacks to delete every single one of you! I'd gladly give up all of my meso just to watch you get deleted.
I will not give up my reputation for your account! and I know I will get no justice here so I will let the maplers decide my fate! I demand a trial by drop game......

June 14, 2014

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You know, putting "I am not a hacker" then claiming to be one, even in the context many here will miss due to not knowing the reference, as seen in the last thread like this parodying death note, will still get you called one.

Reply June 15, 2014

I hate how basil's homepage auto-refreshes. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

Reply June 15, 2014

oh bby

Reply June 14, 2014

Pink bean shoes need to be more popular.

Reply June 14, 2014