Jobs that carry a shield should have an active block skill

Jobs like Heroes, Pally, Mihile, Chief Bandits, Bishop, F/P I/L and Demon Avenger all should have an active block skill when pressed. Obviously this skill would have a 5 second cooldown with a 0.50 second block. I'm sick of this chance to guard, it doesn't make sense and it'll really help with bossing. Example Ark has this 1 shot KO skill that is next to impossible to be dodged I think only two jobs can dodge it and one class can survive it (bishop shield skill). Nexon either needs to recognize fully that people would rather solo bosses or bring back the expedition. Too many bosses have this unnecessary 1 shot KO, like another boss is Hilla, if you don't get in the dome thingy then you're dead but of wait she pushes you across the map first. If you want the unfunded to enjoy bossing instead of making it so that we have to all do max damage and kill the boss before the 1-hit KO give the people a chance to block a skill based on their own skill.

Also can nexon please add a combat chat option or at least clearly display what curses I have on and what they actually do! god I'm stick of scrolling through my chat. Oh another think please show what buffs the boss actually has on under it's health bar or something, I'm sick of guessing if that's damage reflect or just invincibility, if you've faced pink bean often you'll know what I'm talking about.

September 7, 2015

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[quote=bomberb0i2]the last time someone had a dream about changing something he was shot.[/quote]

or was thrown out a window

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the last time someone had a dream about changing something he was shot.

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Battle Mage Shield skill best skill

Reply September 7, 2015

New mihile will have this, making him best tank

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*has a shield* *only has a % chance to use it in battle*

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[quote=kingaustin]This is Nexon we're talking about here sweetie nothings gonna change[/quote]

We can dream can't we?

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