Too many definition for the word attack?

What is the different between:
Total Damage


Attack power


Percent Damage?

People claim they all do the same thing but they don't. Can anyone explain the difference or is nexon just wording it wrong?

August 16, 2015

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ATK, ATT, and Attack power are all the same. there's 2 versions, + and %.
then there's % total damage

Reply August 16, 2015

Pretty sure it's just Attack and Total Damage.
You can have +attack and %attack.
You can have %Total damage

Reply August 16, 2015

ATK is your range I think. The paladin job card adds 2 ATK to your range per level. So a level 200 character would deal 2,000,400 instead of just 2,000,000. But if it's a potential line, it would be something like +1 ATT for every 10 levels, which would had +20 ATT, which is the stuff on your weapon.

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