Things to do in maple when you think youre done or bored

You might one of those people who are stuck in a lump in maple, doing the same old no prequest required bosses or waiting for the next double exp so you can grind in your same old map. Well maybe this guide/list can help do things in maple that are available somewhat interesting and not a lot of people take advantage of. Some of these separate the pros from the noobs.

1) Collect Familiars
They're 1501 collectible familiars in the game, sure you can go with your run of the mill basic cards that everyone else has but there are some interesting ones that have effects that people over look, like the stone castle familiar or the show bosses familiars or if you're a spender like me then try your luck in the cash shop, you'll get two crappy cards and one special card you can sell for a lot or just use.

2) [url=]Build your Crusader Codex [/url]
This would fall under number one but a lot of people don't realize how op the crusader codex can be, I heard some people have 50 stats including their set effect and it doesn't cost nx so no one can have an advantage expect the ones who try, this forces people to explore the maple world.

3) Get a Profession.
Straight up the profession system was garbage first but now you can make cubes, potions and even make money off extractions. I started taking advantage of making potions for myself and realize how much I can't play maple without them and you can sell them for quite a bit of meso and also you can make weapons and equips sell for a lot of meso.

4 ) Go for useless medals.
I got the Quest specialist medal once and I'm working on the monster expert one next, there are so many types of medals you can get to add to your collection, it'll make your profile look good.

What other things you can do in maple beyond just training/bossing that people over look?

August 19, 2015

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[quote=shangz]Anyone know the max stats a codex can get?[/quote]

No one has ever completed it before.

Reply August 24, 2015

Anyone know the max stats a codex can get?

Reply August 19, 2015

Things I did:
-Complete as many quests possible
-Collect: medals, mounts, equips, familiars
-Random PQs
-Trait leveling
-Tower of Oz
-Go on obscure boss runs (scarga/castellan/anego, etc.)

Reply August 19, 2015

I log off as soon as I feel like there's nothing to do that day

Reply August 19, 2015

i log off. that's what i do.

Reply August 19, 2015

You can also collect items, that's really fun

Reply August 19, 2015

@Wall Train is love. Train is life.

Reply August 19, 2015

I didn't know getting a lot of crusader cards could increase the stats on the crusader codex. I thought it just did it on it's own
the more you know i guess

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