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how old are we now? how old are you guys, im guessing we are all in our 20s-mid 20s now. im 24 as of last month edit 1: hi, hope everyone had a good black friday and thanksgiving. christmas is next, happy holidays for what ever you celebrate, ily you all. dont forget to put your winter tiers on, stay safe. EDIT 21/12/2018 hello again, im surprised this is still going but i am happy it is, tbh i check basil just for this thread every other day because it puts a smile on my face knowing this many people still lurk too even though so many years have gone by, its like we all want this site to come back because we all have memories about it. I hope everyone has a happy holidays, i love you all :)


i have names with name change coupons back, i have some names i would like to trade for om method of trades Clen BetterGod Ducker Brigades Mukas Pelp Flas Frayle Foxinsock Manotea Begal Dadytrump Suppletit Cocsuccer n00g 8inchweiner 9inchweiner INCHtoCM Kcal Walden Panj Sugarfreecoc 2oys Jimmierustle Mrfkyourdad Misy Treefker Boxeater Deathbypoop Wallets Fokhand Musc Kaidos Jasdeep Wups Drups Dalmer Dahmer 3dmj Slowpokes Indepts Kidtoucher Silentmike Hodge Smoggler Peepeetouch Younglad Gr8b8m8iapr8 Blate Redwing Mikechang Isuf Vogelitis Mooches Briggy Nintendog Smoks Clop Cloppers Lomis Bews Pipo Puger Tatar Islamics Vedic Terras Baloonknot 10kceo Priors Ufok Ipodnano Microweiner Fkyoudad Cercerus Hordan Doyourdad Blackcop Barkings Suitcase

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just finished steins gate closest 10/10 anime i have seen in awhile. cant belive i missed out on it for so long, if you have not watched it or couldnt get passed the first episode because its boring please watch it. watch the 24 episode anime then watch the ova then the movie is ties perfectly together, truly amazing. now i have to pick between rewatching it or watching code geas, cowboy bebop, clannad, gangsta, ghost in the shell or something else (i know "WOW YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THOSE BEFORE" chill weaboos im slow)

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