General Updates

Send error report box after black cipher loads After the black cipher box loads on the bottom right, maplestory doesn't start up and I get an error box asking me to send a report to nexon (so No error message/number is given). I tried running as Admin, turning off firewall and turning off compatibility mode. It's a new harddrive that I just installed windows 7 ultimate on as well. You can skip to the last 15 seconds of this video to see what happens. The video is not mine btw Thanks for the help.

General Battlemage

Clarification on dark aura/ADA and yellow aura So I don't have a battle mage and I don't know any nerfs/buffs that have happened to Battle Mages since they first came out and I've forgot everything about the class all together since its been so long since i've last played. So im wondering does ADA still go up to level 30 or is it max at level 10 now? And so like does dark aura add 10% dmg and ADA adds 20% damage? And if you have both maxed and cast dark aura, does your whole party get 30% damage? And also, can you use yellow aura with dark aura and does it stack with SI? Thanks for the help.

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