3 set pet effect questions

Do these still exist in the game? I'm wondering because I haven't seen any for a long time. And if they do exist, would having 3 of the same pet trigger the effect? Like 3 penguins to get the igloo/snow effect. Reason I'm asking is because of this thread

Also, I'm going to get the dragon effect, so would having 3 baby dragons be enough to trigger the effect if the above answer is true? Or would I have to evolve all 3?

April 6, 2014

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It was glitched before, but the pet effect for my 3 white ducks shows now

Reply April 7, 2014

No, it was never glitched as far as I know. But you have to buy something extra from the cash shop in order to have 3 pets <_<

Reply April 7, 2014

I just buy 3 pet sets for the att buffs. Pumpkin set is what I'm currently using and I don't get any special effects besides when they grow and give out xtra buffs.

Reply April 7, 2014

[quote=RebelSlayer]Try it and update. Good luck[/quote]

F3, k im going to buy sometime within the next couple days

Reply April 7, 2014

Try it and update. Good luck

Reply April 7, 2014

I'm pretty sure it still works.

Reply April 6, 2014