How many Enlightening cubes to get from epic to legendary?

Trying to recube my lionheart battle helm, do you think 20 would do? or should I get 10 enlightening cubes and get the super cube package plus 2 more super cubes?

August 1, 2013

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20 MIGHT do it, but sometimes it takes 50 cubes, sometimes more. Sometimes, it can take 2 cubes. Good luck!

Reply August 1, 2013

i tend to take and average of 8-10 supers to get to legendary on a good day
on a bad day its 30+

Reply August 1, 2013

Will there also be another cubing event this weekend? Just wondering o_o;

Reply August 1, 2013

i say use supers till legendary, and then enlightening when its legendary for good stats.

Reply August 1, 2013