VIP Warrior Shield or Maple Shield

What would be better for me?

A 20 att Maple Shield, 3-line with str% (unique)


A 14~18 att VIP Warrior Shield, 3 line str% (epic)

October 4, 2011

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You know what, you should choose the maple shield and donate to me the VIP shield please! Cus I'm broke... I pwomise to be your best friend forever!

Reply October 8, 2011

[quote=PallyCookie]Not the best with potential but isn't the best tier 2 can get you (at unique) 6% of any stat?
Epic, and third tier can get you 6% of a stat in one line too, 9% at unique...

So ultimately it's up to your cubing funds. Are you going to cube at all? If not.. DO go for the mapleshield! 20 att on a shield is great!

%str's greatest Strength lies in how much Str you have already. So, really at your level (says 126) attack will do you so much more good.

But, in the long run (at like lvl 180 you'll wish you had that tier 3 VIP to cube for more %str)

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong anyone.[/quote]

Yea that sounds about right in regards to the potential stats for a maple shield, but actually that info up there is a bit outdated. I'm at lvl 143 now. I actually already have a 20 att maple shield, but im thinking in terms of end game right now. As far as cubing is concerned, I probably will once I get another job and am able to infuse a bit of a rl funds for the game again, but I needed more specifics like at what point will having high tier potential %str and how much str will I need before I start out damaging my 20 att maple shield with a 10att+ VIP shield.

Reply October 4, 2011