Headshot come back?

So with the removal of damage cap, is it viable in bossing for us Corsairs to use headshot again? Or is it still viable to RF spam?

December 2, 2016

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@lokii: The cap may be gone, but which hypers give you the most damage is unaffected.

I'm no expert, but I was of the impression that 1% boss = 1% damage. If that's the case, it literally never mattered which one you went with. @Averir correct me if I'm wrong. senpai.

Crit damage gives the same increase per point as min/max crit. We actually lost damage there because 10 points in min crit + 10 points in max crit is the same as 20 points in crit damage. Crit damage hyper caps at half that.

Your hyper stat priorities shouldn't have changed.

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@snailpresident: What about the Hyper skills then?^ what do you guys have? with the 50m removal you think its a smart decision to put it on damage% or boss% for the skills?

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Would you throw quick draw anywhere in there I wanted to test that nuke>quick draw>headshot>rf, since before quick draw was pointless to activate when using rf as it was detrimental to dps.

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Headshot would become viable again I would think. We should now be in a spot where a Nuke>Headshot>Rapid Fire rotation would be optimal.

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